LSL- Next Meeting of the Minds July 30,2017 at 1pm in Penticton

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Meeting of the Minds Penticton – Global Issues Local Solutions

A Locals Supporting Locals is hosting the is our 3rd Meeting of the Minds.where we discuss Global Issues and talk about Local Solutions and host a The Heartbeat of the Okanagan talk show. We have different guests to help educate and inform us on the important issues we face today

Date- July 30, 2017 – Time-1pm to 3pm
Location – Craft Corner Kitchen – 557 Main St Penticton B.C

Great Food and drink specials starting at $5
Limited seating so reserve your seats asap call Kevin 250-770-9789

Agenda for the day 

Introduction on who we are and what we do (5mins)
Carried from previous meeting Clarification of the Board:(approx 45 mins -break time)
-Secretary (*2)

The Heart of the Okanagan Talk Show -approx 1 hour

This promises to be a power house of a show exposing the corrupt system we are in so please share and attend our meeting

2 Special guests and topics via Skype People attending will be allowed to ask guest questions directly with guests.

John Thore Stub Sneisen

(Author of newly released best seller)
Canada, The Greatest Economy In The World?: The Facts You Are Not Being Told About Your Money. And How To Protect Yourself From The Coming Crises.

Link to video interview on book

Other topics include the housing bubble and what we can do to protect ourselves and much much more.

Alex Newman
Alex Newman is an award-winning international journalist, educator, author, and consultant. In addition to serving as president of the small media and information consulting firm Liberty Sentinel Media, he has written for a wide array of publications.

Co-Author Alex Newman provides an introduction into his brand new book entitled, “Crimes of the Educators.” This book reveals how the architects of America and Canada’s public school disaster implemented a plan to socialize the United States and Canada by knowingly and willingly dumbing down the population, a mission closer to success than ever as the Obama administration works relentlessly to nationalize K-12 schooling with Common Core.

Link to interview on book-
Alex is also an expert in speaking on Climate Change , Sustainable Development so we will talk about these issues as well. and much more

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any questions please contact

Kevin Proteau

Locals Supporting Locals

250-770-9789 or email:

BREAKING: Vancouver Police Are Using Prediction Technology For Pre Crime Arrests!

Remember the film Minority Report? well the Vancouver Police Department has just made that fictional concept a reality for Canadians as they have just become the first police force in all of Canada to implement new crime prediction technology. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth outlines the lies and contradictions displayed by the VPD as well as the obvious and not so obvious potential areas for abuse with this new technology.

Bracing For “Cyber 9/11” With James Corbett

The global war on terror has entered the digital age and it’s no longer a question of if there will be an attack on the world wide web but when! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with James Corbett of The Corbett Report about what a possible cyber attack scenario might look like, who the perpetrators are likely to be, who the scapegoat will be to take the fall and most importantly what we all can do about it BEFORE it happens.

Canadians Should Not Trust Their Government – Here’s Why

In a recent poll looking into which countries trust their governments the most Canadians ranked in at the number two spot with 62% of Canadians feeling confident in their government so in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth lays out the facts as to why Canadians should not trust their government while also showing how this can and will be used as a blueprint for even global servitude.

LSL- Penticton Crime Prevention Meeting (pt 1-2) In Full

Published on 15 Jul 2017

Kevin Proteau from Locals Supporting Locals Independent Media – The Heartbeat of the Okanagan – Penticton Crime Prevention Meeting
We have a new Chief in Penticton so for those that may have missed the meeting we have recorded in full and is raw footage with very little editing. There are 2 parts -with the Q & A in pt 2. We recommend watching it in full and by all means please share.

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Trudeau To Give Clinton’s $20 Million To Advance Gender Equality

Published on 12 Jul 2017

The newly created Feminist International Assistance Policy along with hundreds of millions of Canadian tax payer dollars are seeking to advance gender equality and to promote equal rights for women and girls as “the most effective way to reduce poverty.” In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth exposes how this is actually a front that acts as a money making machine which promotes and carries out a eugenics program on a global scale.

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