The WAM Show Ep.4 – Kevin Proteau, Todd McDougall; Monsanto in 2016, International Martial Law

On this episode of The WAM Show, host Josh Sigurdson is joined by WAM’s John Doull, Kevin Proteau of Locals Supporting Locals  starting at the 16:30 mark of video and Todd McDougall of Winnipeg Alternative Media.

See the full episode here:

We start off the show talking about the new authorization put forward by Senator Mitch McConnell that essentially allows the U.S. to drop troops anywhere at any time without any declaration or allowance. This legislation technically declares international martial law which is something that’s been going on for a while, but never legally.
This is actually a rewrite of the constitution’s 1941 War Powers Act.
President Obama has not yet shown support for the legislation, however Obama’s been looking for a new AUMF to replace the 2001 9/11 AUMF which has a similar power, however, not as extensive.
We’ve been warning about international martial law for years, but called crazy. Now Senator Chris Murphy is speaking out against the idea, saying,
“It is essentially a declaration of international martial law, a sweeping transfer of military power to the president that will allow him or her to send U.S. troops almost anywhere in the world, for almost any reason, with absolutely no limitations.”

With this conversation, we also touch on the arming, funding and training of ISIS/ISIL insurgents by the CIA and the hypocrisy involved in this obvious script. That leads us to talking about the refugees in Europe and how it’s affecting culture all while political correctness stands in the way of speaking out against the reality of the problem. As women get mass raped in the streets by groups of migrant men and people get robbed and beaten, police are being restricted from acknowledging the identity of the suspects and the mayor is telling ten year old girls to not be so provocative if they don’t want to get raped. This is the height of politically correct insanity. A spade is a spade. We have Muslims writing in to WAM telling us how saddened they are by this crisis as it puts THEM in danger. They left their countries to escape this nonsense.
We are then joined in the second segment by Kevin Proteau of Locals Supporting Locals. Kevin started a calendar to help fund small but important initiatives. He speaks out against GMOs and Monsanto and stands up for farmers in and around Penticton, British, Columbia.
Kevin’s YouTube channel is filled with excellent information with real change-makers and talks about a whole array of subjects including stratospheric aerosol geoengineering, healthy living, government corruption and more!
We’re also joined in the second and third segment by Winnipeg Alternative Media co-founder Todd McDougall and hear about what’s happening at the original WAM as Winnipeg pushes to end water fluoridation as we attempted in 2013. This time, the game plan is stronger and the vision is ambitious but realistic as more and more people realize that hydrofluosilicic acid is toxic waste, the byproduct of aluminum and phosphate mining.

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