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My good friend Sid Ruined from Firehall Brewery is having a pledge campaign to kick start his beer shop and social lounge in Oliver, BC! click this link, play the video and i promise you you’ll love everything he brings… from the video itself and his tasty brew that he strives for.. ok, stop reading, click the link! click the link! help make Firehall brewery the best it can be!

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Rising food prices: Canadians – regardless of income level – say it’s getting harder to feed their families

costs of food

April 4, 2016 – The rising cost of groceries has left the majority of Canadians finding it harder to afford to feed their households, and it’s not only the working poor who are feeling the squeeze.

A new poll from the Angus Reid Institute finds people in middle-class or higher income brackets also say putting food on the table has become more difficult in the last year, as do those who have kids at home.

Canadians report cutting back on meat and switching to cheaper brands at the grocery store to deal with rising costs, while the majority (two-in-three) say the country’s leaders aren’t paying enough attention to the issue.

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