Very important info about broadband over power lines.

Very important info about broadband over power lines. Scientists have warned that cell transmitters that are erected on power lines or the poles can make the power lines antennae, emitting radiation all along the line. The FCC in the USA has found this to be true when power lines are used for Wi-Fi transmissions, but intends to do nothing from the sounds of it. The same, no doubt, is true in Canada.  People need to know how high the radiation is for those living within quite some distance from power lines. The level can exceed the FCC limits which are among the highest in the world.

The results demonstrate that residential power lines can radiate the frequencies of PLC signals into nearby households, even if they do not use any PLC service (i.e. smart meters, internet service, etc.).

The documentation that PLC systems turn a power line into a line source “antenna” (not a point source) is important, as that means greater distances are needed to reduce the radiation levels. This may explain why the radio amateurs in North Carolina complained about interference, even though they were 0.4 to 0.7 miles (600 to 1100 meters) away from the lines carrying the PLC signals.

That the power line is a line source also means that the line itself radiates. Radiation emissions are not just from the equipment injecting the signal into the power line.”

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