Canada’s State of Emergency Canadian Politicians controlled by the Infiltrated Israeli Government?

Canadian Politicians controlled by the Infiltrated Israeli Government?


Pamela Palmater will give you a GREAT explanation of what is happening to CANADA




Are Canadians and First Nations controlled by the Infiltrated Israeli Government through our Politicians?  This page and the proof through actions and not words will  provide everything you need to see through the manipulated deceptions and that they are in fact , all traitors to us and this Country and it doesn’t stop with the Federal Politicians,  they have also infiltrated the Provincial Governments .

Religions and Governments have been infiltrated for eons. People need to be aware of what has happened to CANADA and how a Religion and NOT a Race, got it’s own Country with our help to genocide many others…

HELP US TO STOP CANADIAN GOVERNMENT “POLITICAL PARTY CORRUPTION”,  Global Governance and to finally remove the ASHKENAZI GOVERNMENT PUPPET MASTERS from controlling our Politics and Governance.

So WHICH politician is more dangerous to Canadians and First Nations? They all support the TPP, CETA, and all other EU trade deals that will destroy our Natural Resources Jurisdiction in Canada.

We now know about Harper’s stance on Israel, including Mulcair, Trudeau and although Elizabeth May seems the least connected to Israel or so you may think, just look a little deeper. Elizabeth May is just as dangerous if not more than Harper and Mulcair, as she is co-chair with Maurice Strong and Gorbachev on the UN Global Governance Agenda 21’s New Earth Charter and don’t forget her connection to the Sierra Club. The information is provided in this webpage or simply go to the Green Party website to the “Meet Elizabeth May” section.

Now, let’s clear things up about Tom Mulcair’s reason for his dual Citizenship to France and his wife Catherine Pinhas Mulcair. She is a French psychologist. She was born in France to a Sephardic Jewish family of Turkish origin.

So, we no longer need to ask ourselves why they support everything that will strip away our Canadian and First Nations rights in Canada. Don’t ask yourself why Kathleen Wynne and Christy Clark are selling out Ontario and BC.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, can’t wait to go to Israel to be HONORED!

Rigged Elections? Certainly!


Liberals, Senators and Conservatives


Vickers will be honoured in the Knesset, the legislature in Israel, CTV News has learned.

Kevin Vickers
Josh Dehaas,
Published Monday, November 10, 2014 6:40PM EST

Kevin Vickers, the sergeant-at-arms who shot down a gunman inside Parliament last month, will receive yet another accolade.

Vickers will be honoured in the Knesset, the legislature in Israel, CTV News has learned.

Earlier this month, French President Francois Hollande singled-out Vickers in his address to Parliament. “I salute the courage of Kevin Vickers, who is known all across the world,” he said.

Vickers previously got an extended standing ovation from Members of Parliament when he carried in the ceremonial mace on Oct. 23 — the day after he shot Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.

Zehaf-Bibeau had been firing his weapon in the Hall of Honour of Parliament on the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 22, just after he shot and killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial.

Security officers shot Zehaf-Bibeau but he continued down the Hall, until Vickers finally stopped him.

The sergeant-at-arms has even received praise from comedian Stephen Colbert, who dedicated a segment to him during his Oct. 29 episode, in which he was compared to action star Bruce Willis.

Vickers, 58, is a veteran of the RCMP. He has been charged with safeguarding Parliament Hill and its occupants since 2005.

If you want to know where corruption is festing and who is behind the corruption:

  • LOOK at OUR LAWS and WHO they have been enforced for.
  • Unlawful LAWS have and are being created to protect those who are responsible for acts against Humanity.
  • We can not hold our Governments to accountability.
  • Why are they so afraid of their Puppet Masters?

In Canada, YOU can be JAILED for simply pointing out the TRUTH…


To the Government of Israel, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), The International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians (ICJP) and World Jewish Congress (WJC); the whole world is wrong and are conspiracy theorists when exposing the truth, when in fact, when you look at the extreme extent they have gone to since the launch of the ADL since 1913 to justify their actions and infiltration, the manipulation of sympathy and to instill FEAR of being called anti-Semites or anti-Zionists everywhere in the world, simply indicates that they are the ones propagating hate and hiding it with carefully chosen words and masterful strategies all while hiding behind the veil of deception and their own innocent people.

If anyone is propagating anything, it is the Government of Israel itself, the WJC, ICJP and the ADL, including; our very own Governments in Canada, the UK and the USA along with many other infiltrated Governments encouraging and feeding this deception with our TAX dollars. Thus far, the ADL, seems to have been setup as a FRONT to decieve given the extent of their actions and the depth of their claims to educating the puplic:

Having said this, we need to make sure that people don’t lay blame where it is not deserved as many jewish people are against those manipulating everyone else.  We are are all working for justice and truth. 

We especially commend the efforts of a group of truly amazing people that represent the Independent Jewish Voices ( IJV) for their persistence and devotion for truth and doing what is right for all peoples and the many others worldwide who do the same. See their comments below in Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s section. Please visit their website and support them for their impressive efforts and continued hard work.

If we are ever going to see through this mess and stop the insanity, we need to see clearly WHO are actually the ones doing WHAT to everyone else…

Only common sense can dictate the TRUTH hidden behind their actions and cover ups.

Think about it…


Published on Oct 17, 2013
About 60,000 African migrants have arrived in Israel since 2006, fleeing unrest in their home countries. But upon arrival in the ostensibly democratic country, the migrants have faced intense persecution and have been branded as “infiltrators” by right-wing politicians and activists.

Watch: Israel’s New Racism, Max Blumenthal and David Sheen’s documentary video uncovering the persecution of African Migrants in the holy land 

Whether they like it or not, every Jewish Israeli citizen is a potential recruit for the national hasbara brigade. While Tel Aviv University sends hasbara delegations to campuses across Europe and the United States, the National Union of Israeli Students offers Israeli college students $2,000 to spread propaganda “from the comfort of home.” El Al Airlines deploys its flight attendants in American cities to make the case for Israel during specially allotted paid vacation days. Meanwhile, back at Ben Gurion International Airport, large billboards posted by the Ministry of Public Diplomacy instruct Israelis to “be good diplomats” when they travel abroad. By corralling an entire population into promoting Israel as “the only democracy in the Middle East,” the state strengthens a culture that treats dissent and critical inquiry with instinctive hostility.

Read more:

Israel to Deport Eritrean Migrants to Third African Country

State attorney claims Israel will ship thousands of migrants to unnamed African country

June 3, 2013 16:52 BST

The New York Times has rejected a documentary featuring non-Jewish African migrants in Israel despite having originally commissioned it, according to the film’s producers.

The documentary, “Israel’s new racism: the persecution of African migrants in the Holy Land” was produced by Israeli journalist David Sheen and American author and journalist Max Blumenthal.

It shows footage from the anti-African rallies of 2012 as well as exclusive interviews with Israel’s former member of the Knesset Michael Ben-Ari.

Blumenthal, known for his work about the right wing in the US and extremism in Israel, told Consortium News that the New York Times asked him to submit a documentary for the new op docs section on its website.

“They solicited a video from me, and when I didn’t produce it in time, they called me for it, saying they wanted it,” he said. “So I sent them a video I produced with my colleague, David Sheen, an Israeli journalist who is covering the situation of non-Jewish Africans in Israel more extensively than any journalist in the world.

“We put together some shocking footage of pogroms against African communities in Tel Aviv and interviews with human rights activists,” the journalist said. “We tailored it to their style, and of course it was rejected without an explanation after being solicited.”

The New York Times did not respond when contacted by IBTimes UK.

The documentary was published by The Nation magazine.

Recent statistics published by the Population, Immigration and Border Authority in Israel show that only four refugee applicants have been granted asylum status so far in 2013, out of 2,593 who submitted requests.

The High Court in the country overturned the so-called Infiltration Law which allowed Israel to jail migrants for three years, pending a review of their refugee status, and set a 90-day deadline for detainees to be released. Around 1,800 Africans are still in detention and only two have been released since the ruling.

Among the extracts filmed by Sheen and Blumenthal at an anti-African rally is a woman saying that she is “proud to be racist”.

“We’re racist because we want to preserve our lives and our sanity. So I’m proud to be a racist – and it’s our right to be racist!”

Michael Ben-Ari, a notorious anti-African right-winger, is seen saying that migrants are a threat to the Jewish identity of Israel.

“We’ll turn into a country of immigrants. We’ll bring in a million Africans, half a million Philippines, 2 or 3 million Chinese and this is the end for Israel,” he said during the interview.

“It’s threatening because this will no longer be a Jewish state. Our state is different from other countries […] Our country is a Jewish state. A Jewish and a democratic state.”

Ben-Ari is also seen joined by Likud Party politicians in the anti-Africans rally in May 2012.

Interior Committee chair Miri Rege also makes an appearance in the documentary, saying: “The Sudanese are a cancer in our body!”

The footage also shows rabbis singing decrees forbidding the rental of apartments to Africans. Rabbi Ariel Abreli is seen in 19 March 2013 saying: “We initiated a movement here to convince people not to rent them apartments.”

Read here:

To stand with the GOVERNMENT of ISRAEL, is to STAND for MURDER and GENOCIDE of innocent Children and People!

Harper's Stand With Israel Fundraiser

Review their websites, their deliberate actions and multiple manipulations are a bit much don’t you think to feel that they need to go to this extent and extreme and “Why” since many other Races have suffered and still suffer to this day…


The constant whining and constant hunt against anyone telling the real truth about their actions and running to the governments, Police and other authorities for punishment of people for telling the truth  has gotten way out of hand and for what? When you stand back and look deeply, it’s actual Genius…

The infiltration began at the beginning of all religions and the race wars and was/is very strategic…

From their actions, these imposters, have stolen a religion and a People and  are in fact trying to control us all through SYMPATHY and imposed GUILT and if we do not feel sorry for them and accuse them of what they are committing in plain sight, call everyone including their own people who do not agree with them, Anti-Semitic or Anti- Zionists, then they want us all jailed and punished. How can moral human beings do such a thing? What is their true purpose? The truth is stranger than fiction…

They control:

  • Our Governments
  • Politicians
  • Banks
  • Courts
  • Media: News, TV, Radio, Education
  • the UN, through our various Governments

Now, these same infiltrators are in bed with the (Ashkenazi – Milano) Layola Jewish Jesuit (who never took an oath of poverty) infiltrated the “Church” now Vatican for Mount Zion against their own people’s objections and are now accepting Jesus as their messiah. Add Four Blood moons and their connection to it, and it becomes Satanic and far from Holy. Armageddon started long ago as this has always been a race and religious war at the cost of stealing the lands from the Palestinians and achieving their goal by pitting races and religions against one another to succeed. The real Jewish Peoples, the Catholics and Islam and all other peoples and races were mere paws and stepping stones in their game.

The Only answer that comes to mind, is to achieve World Domination over the RACES and to finally claim the Holy land.

It didn’t matter how long it took them…

Think about it!

If we, the PEOPLE do not take over our governance in each of our Countries, they will have succeeded.


Before we proceed, we must all remember who we really are and always remember this, as too many of us have forgotten: We all need to see ourselves for what we truly are; all brothers and sisters as within The true Creator of All and pure Creation, there are no chosen races.  Only a lower fallen creation would have a chosen people and pit them against all others because within the spirit world of pure creation, we are all equals…no separation, no divisions. We are simply beautiful energy spirits filled with love …

Only WE can stop feeding into these wars for our minds by finally respecting our differences and territories and coming together as the original children of Creator of All within pure creation.


U.S.A lawmakers forced to pledge of allegiance to Israel
What if this has happened in Canada? – Please watch the video.

See the Congressional  document here: Congressional Record – 101st Congress (1989-1990) – THOMAS (Library of Congress)

Every wonder WHY Camp David, is called “Camp David”?

These Global Governance “Government Infiltrators” all claim innocence. Yet they are evil to the core and hide behind their own innocent Jewish People who have no clue that they are being used and most don’t even agree to all that is being done in their name …

They have taken anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism to a whole new level of definition which in itself bares no common sense. There is nothing like the POT calling the Kettle black for telling the truth.

Since when did telling the truth about what is being done by them in the open as being anti-semitic or anti-zionist when they do something very wrong, yet they always get away with it? 

This sort of mentality, is what is harming their own innocent people that they are brainwashing and manipulating to hide behind world sympathy in order to achieve World Domination.

That’s what the whole purpose of using the holocaust and making people feel guilty and their manipulation of it is all about. Many of their own people know it and are trying to expose it themselves.  The hypocrisy needs to END!


One only needs to study where all of what is happening is headed because the reality is, that they themselves, are propagating hate and blaming everyone else when someone points to the truth of their own actions. Even a child could see it.


Seriously look at this…


The International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians (ICJP) is a global network of Jewish legislators, government ministers, and other elected officials in over 100 Countries. Its aim is to promote dialogue, the principles of democracy, the cause of human rights and the rule of law, and to combat racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, terrorism and Holocaust denial. The ICJP supports Israel and contributes to the creation of enduring peace in the Middle East.

Complete Government Infiltration and Proud!


Ashkenazi ISRAEL- The Common Denominator and instigator of TOO many WARS…and WHY NOT? Since WE give them the MONEY to do it.

WAKE UP! Our IGNORANCE is no longer an EXCUSE.


It’s time that we awaken from lies and stand together to stop Privatization and Global Governance.

See it for yourself …


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Independent school in hands of town – referendum is possible By staff1 on May 18, 2016



Following an in-camera discussion with the Osoyoos Independent School (OIS) committee on Monday, council brought forward to its regular meeting a motion saying town staff has been asked to prepare a report on the possible use of the Sonora Community Centre for the school and on providing municipal funding, including the possibility of putting the matter to a referendum.

The proposed independent community high school took a big step forward last Thursday night when the board overseeing Good Shepherd Christian School voted to pursue a partnership with the OIS, that could lead to a Kindergarten to Grade 12 school operated by Good Shepherd.

But the Voters Assembly of Grace Lutheran Church needs to be assured that the independent school has a facility and funding before the partnership can move forward with establishing the school, said Angela Westcott, principal of Good Shepherd.

Westcott also sits on the church’s Voters Assembly as well as on the OIS committee.

“The partnership is not done yet,” cautioned Brenda Dorosz, chair of OIS last week. “There are things that we have to do and one of them is (to obtain a) facility. But the great news is they did not say no. They voted to continue working with us.”

The decision was a huge relief.

“We were all on pins and needles,” she said. “It’s very, very positive.”

Dorosz said OIS met with Good Shepherd last Wednesday evening at length to discuss the business plan and to try to iron out any concerns either side had.

Westcott said she’s confident the independent school would be open in September if the funding and facility issues can be resolved.

“If those things fall into place, the support (of the Voters Assembly) was overwhelmingly supportive for this to move forward,” said Westcott.

Although Good Shepherd is a Christian School, it follows the same curriculum as public schools. The religious component would be considered an optional elective at the high school level.

At the meeting with council on Monday, OIS had 10 minutes to present its case and councillors posed questions, said Dorosz. Councillors then discussed the matter further after OIS left.

OIS hopes to use the top floor of the Sonora Community Centre for the school, but the needs of other users of the centre will have to be accommodated, Dorosz said.

OIS last week met with Gerald Davis, town director of community services, to try to work out some of those details.

OIS is also asking for shared use of the gym as well as outdoor facilities such as Desert Park and the Kinsmen field for physical education programs.

They are also seeking the same $352,000 per year that the town was willing to offer School District 53 (SD 53) over three years to keep Osoyoos Secondary School (OSS) open.

SD 53 turned down that offer saying their minds were already made up to close OSS.

“We gave them a significant ask list, so we have to wait,” said Dorosz.

Meanwhile, OIS plans a town hall meeting to update the community on May 24 at 7 p.m. in the gymnasium at the Sonora Community Centre, she said.

Developments on the new school have been taking place daily, said Dorosz, adding there’s been one meeting or other virtually every night.

Finalizing the rental of a facility is the next big step and Dorosz said OIS had asked the town to make a decision by May 20.

But with council seeking a staff report, and with Barry Romanko, the town’s chief administrative officer, currently away it’s unlikely there will be a decision before the May 24 town hall meeting.

Dorosz noted that the upstairs capacity of the Sonora centre is 205 people. OIS has come up with a schedule to try to accommodate existing users.

“We don’t want to displace people,” said Dorosz. “So we will do everything in our power as a community school – because I think it’s going to be a true community school – to not displace.”

She added that if any displacement is required, volunteers are prepared to help with renovations to ensure the least disruption possible.

Dorosz said she plans further meetings in coming days to explore the possibility of establishing a golf academy and a soccer academy at the new school.

At the town hall on May 24, registration for the new school will be taking place. This will help to provide a better estimate the number of students who would attend the independent school.

Dorosz said OIS would also be seeking volunteers for some of the sub-committees at the meeting.

She said she’s also had talks with officials at the Ministry of Education about taking over the present OSS site, but she noted this would take too long to make it possible for the 2016-17 school year.

It is an option for down the road, she said.

This would require some kind of agreement with SD 53, which she acknowledges could be difficult in the near term.

“They’re not too happy with us right now,” she said.

Good Shepherd Christian School was established in 1990 and until now it has operated as a Kindergarten to Grade 7 elementary school.

Enrolment has fluctuated over the years, Westcott said. This year enrolment is low at just 15 students, but last year there were more than 30.

There are two full-time teachers and two educational assistants, she said.

At the elementary level, this has meant blended classrooms, but Westcott said she doesn’t anticipate there will be as much need for blended classrooms at the high school level.

“With the draft timetables that we have been working with, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be as necessary as you would think, actually,” she said, adding this depends on overall enrolment.

Dorosz said that until more precise numbers are nailed down, OIS is planning based on 100 high school students at the independent school.

She acknowledges that a number of students will choose to go to Oliver because they believe they’ll have more course options at Southern Okanagan Secondary School (SOSS) even if this isn’t necessarily the case.

But the independent school will launch a recruitment drive, she said, and this could result in some Oliver students choosing to come to Osoyoos.

She also highlighted the appeal of an independent school for special needs students, many of whom cannot ride the bus to Oliver.

Although a category 1 independent school only receives half the per-student provincial funding that public schools get, they receive the same funding, about $18,500 per child, for special needs students.

Dorosz said there are about 30 designated special needs children affected by the closure of OSS.

With the full funding the independent school would get, it will be easier to provide for special needs students at a smaller school, she pointed out.

Dorosz also anticipates the school may need to offer some courses using distributed learning, combined with local volunteer support.

There are a lot of retired teachers in Osoyoos willing to help, she points out.

The goal is to set an affordable tuition fee of $100 per month, she said, adding that will require sponsorships, donations and fundraising.

The committee is currently planning to raffle a 2001 BMW 323 vehicle valued at about $7,500, which was donated by J.F. Launier, she said.

OIS is now waiting for a gaming license before the raffle can be held.


Osoyoos Times  – read more

Turmeric Lemonade That Treats Depression Better Than Prozac! How To Prepare This?


Turmeric Lemonade That Treats Depression Better Than Prozac! How To Prepare This?

February 29, 2016 By

Depression is a mood disorder characterized by low mood and a wide range of other possible symptoms, which will vary from person to person. Depression is common, and in its mildest form most people can lead a healthy and active life with the right treatment and support. On the more severe end, depression can be devastating and even life-threatening, so don’t go through it alone.

Signs and symptoms include:

Sad, anxious, or “empty” feelings
Feelings of hopelessness
Feelings of guilt
Irritability, restlessness
Fatigue and decreased energy
Difficulty concentrating and making decisions
Insomnia or excessive sleeping
Thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts

The good thing is nature bless us with great spices turmeric which can fight most types of diseases. It can help prevent the breakdown of cells into cancerous cells. It can be beneficial if you have Alzheimer’s. It can fight skin cancer, and lower your LDL cholesterol levels and do much more. Turmeric has been used for stomach disorders and pains, acidity, arthritis, diarrhea, liver disorders, jaundice and much more.

It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that it has magical powers

-It is loaded with antioxidants
-It has powerful anti-inflammatory benefits
-It has amazing benefits for your brain
-It helps in lowering the chances of developing heart disease
-It can help in fighting depression

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How to Make Coconut Water Kefir

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Why You Should Start Drinking Ginger Tea…

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Turmeric Golden Honey – How to Use This Strongest…

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How to Treat A Urinary Tract Infection with Apple Cider…

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9 Amazing Bread-less Sandwich Ideas That Will…

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March Against Monsanto this Saturday-Penticton Herlad

Penticton residents are invited Saturday to join with others from around the world to protest against the use of genetically modified organisms in food production.

The fifth annual March Against Monsanto is set to begin at 11 a.m. in Gyro Park, organized by Locals Supporting Locals.

According to co-ordinator Kevin Proteau, 38 countries have either banned GMOs or are in the process of doing so.

“Health Canada, in contrast to the rest of the world, is approving more GMO products such as apples and potatoes into our markets every year despite the move away from conventional agriculture that includes GMO,” he said in a press release.

Gabe Cipes from Summerhill Pyramid Winery is expected to speak at the event, as are other local agriculturalists, about their solutions for providing GMO-free foods.

Monsanto is targeted by the annual protests because it’s a leading producer of seeds for genetically modified food crops.

Rallies are also planned for Vernon, Penticton, Lumby and Enderby, which Proteau says are among 400 scheduled around the globe.

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Why Are BC’s Independent Schools Getting So Much Money?

Why Are BC’s Independent Schools Getting So Much Money?

Private school funding is increasing three times faster than support for public schools. The Tyee explores why.

By Katie Hyslop, Today, TheTyee.caprivate school

BC Teachers’ Federation posts on Facebook — more than a dozen in May — usually get a few dozen likes or shares.

But one recent post hit a nerve, inspiring over 8,600 shares, 6,300 comments and reaching about 600,000 people so far.

”This year, B.C. gave $358 million to private schools, including those for the super-elite. Meanwhile, Osoyoos is being forced to close its high school because of government underfunding,” read the text superimposed on photos of St. Michaels University School, where tuition for Canadian students runs upwards of $21,000 a year, and Osoyoos Secondary School, the community’s only high school slated for closure because of falling enrolment. Parents are reportedly planning to open an independent high school rather than have students bus 22 kilometres to a school in Oliver.

”When B.C. communities like Osoyoos are being forced to close their only high school, why are B.C. taxpayers subsidizing elite private schools?” the teachers’ union asked in its post.

The provincial government has been subsidizing independent schools since 1977. The NDP has said it wouldn’t change the funding formula if elected next May.


The Tyee has launched a brand new crowd-funding campaign to support a year-long series that will send education and youth reporter Katie Hyslop around B.C. to investigate how B.C.’s next generation is grappling with the legacy we’re leaving them.

One year out from the next provincial election, can you imagine a more vital, but likely to be ignored, constituency with crucial perspectives to share?

To fund this project, we’ll need to raise $25,000 by May 30. But we cannot do it without Tyee reader support.

Learn more about the projecthere. To pledge support, gohere.

But half of B.C.’s 60 public school boards are grappling with deficits that reach a combined $84 million. They are closing schools and cutting programs, including supports for vulnerable students.

And the public appetite for funding private schools appears to be waning, at least among the parents, educators, and trustees in districts like Vancouver, Chilliwack, and Okanagan Similkameen — which includes Osoyoos — that are facing budget shortfalls.

Since 2005, government funding for independent schools has increased by 66 per cent. Funding for public schools has risen by 19 per cent.

There are two levels of funding for independent schools, based on how much they spend per student. Group 1 schools spend the same or less than public schools, and receive 50 per cent of the per-student funding of public schools. Group 2 schools spend more per student than public schools and receive 35 per cent of the public school funding.

Independent schools receive the same funding as public schools for special needs students, distributed learning or online education and the Provincial Learning Network, the province’s high-speed Internet connection.

Independent schools don’t get public funds for capital expenses, like new buildings. But last year the government gave them a property tax break.

More students equal more money

Independent schools are getting more money — a budgeted $358 million last year — because they are attracting more students. Peter Froese, executive director of the Federation of Independent Schools Associations of BC, said that independent schools have seen an increase of 15,000 students since 2005/06, while public schools have lost 60,000 students.

The funding protection offered to public districts with dropping enrolment, known as the Enrollment Decline supplement, is included in the per student funding calculation to the benefit of both the public district and the independent schools who sit within those districts’ bounds.

Cuts that public school districts are forced to make, like the $54 million districts were asked to cut in administrative spending, do impact the amount of money independent schools receive, too, Froese added.

So do funding freezes or minimal increases: ”In the public sector we had 6,600 extra students this last year, but the government didn’t put a ton of extra money into education. It lowered the per student [funding] in many of the districts, and that dropped the grant in 32 of the districts for independent schools.”

The education ministry says ”the funding formula for independent schools has not changed in 25 years. Increases in funding are tied to the per pupil rate (which is rising) and any enrolment increases.”

But that’s not how the teachers’ union sees it. The union made headlines in February 2015 when it released a report alleging the $82-million Labour Settlement Fund was added into per-student funding when calculating independent school subsidies. The result, the union said, was a $5-million boost to private schools.

In another emailed statement, this time to News 1130, then-education minister Peter Fassbender wrote the union’s allegations were ”completely wrong.”

”The fact is, we’ve seen average per student funding for public schools increase by 40 per cent since 2000/01, to an estimated $8,819 for 2014-15 enrolment,” read the statement. ”We need to focus on student outcomes, not unnecessary and unhelpful distractions.”

The BCTF report also says the Unique Student Needs supplement — funding for indigenous students, students learning English, adult learners and other vulnerable students — is included in calculating per-student funding. Independent schools benefit even if they have no students requiring those services.

Froese said that pulling funding from independent schools wouldn’t help the public system. The Group 2 schools — about 15 per cent of the association’s members — could raise tuition fees and survive. But the majority of Group 1 schools relying on grants at 50 per cent of per-student funding in the public system would close, he said, sending roughly 60,000 students back to the public system.

Costs would double for those students, as their independent schools had been funded at half the public school rate.

BCTF President Jim Iker said the union never claimed that pulling public funds from private schools would be enough to cover shortfalls in the public system. Overall education funding needs to increase, he said.

”There would be more students to fund, and then perhaps districts wouldn’t have to be closing schools,” Iker said. Vancouver is considering closing up to 21 schools to save money and reach the 95-per-cent district classroom occupancy required to receive money to make schools safer in an earthquake.

The return of students — and the grants that come with them — could allow for the restoration of some services lost to budget cuts, Iker said.  [Tyee]

Read more: Education,

Glyphosate unlikely to pose risk to humans, UN/WHO study says

Glyphosate unlikely to pose risk to humans, UN/WHO study says

Chemical used in Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller ‘unlikely to pose carcinogenic risk from exposure through diet’

round up.jpg

Several EU states rebelled against an EU proposal to relicense glyphosate earlier this year. Photograph: Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images

Glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller brand, has been given a clean bill of health by the UN’s joint meeting on pesticides residues (JMPR), two days before a crunch EU vote on whether to relicense it.

The co-analysis by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and World Health Organisation found that the chemical was “unlikely to pose a carcinogenic risk to humans from exposure through the diet”.

This finding flatly contradicts an assessment by the WHO’s cancer agency last year that the herbicide solution was “probably carcinogenic to humans”.

Harry van der Wulp, a senior policy officer at the FAO, said the latest analysis was the most comprehensive yet, but probably not the final word on the subject.

“These conclusions relate to exposure through the diet – that is very important,” he said. “It is not a general conclusion because anything beyond the diet was not in our mandate. It remains less clear what the situation is with occupational exposure.”

“My personal assessment is that it is a very complex puzzle and we are adding more and more pieces to it, but it is not necessarily complete yet.”

Several EU countries rebelled against a Brussels proposal to relicense glyphosate earlier this year. The latest version up for a vote on Wednesday or Thursday cuts the authorisation time from 15 years to nine.

The paper, which the Guardian has seen, also adds a biodiversity clause requested by Germany instructing EU countries to pay attention to “the risk to biodiversity and abundance of non-target terrestrial arthropods and vertebrates via trophic interactions”.
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But this is unlikely to satisfy campaigners furious about the collateral damage they say that blanket spraying of the product on GM crops causes to nearby plants and animals. The Global Justice group has begun a “brandalism” campaign over the issue.

Industry groups groups are also unhappy that glyphosate receives different treatment from other chemicals that have received positive health and safety assessments.

Graeme Taylor, a spokesman for the European Crop Protection Association, an industry body, said: “I am not surprised by this latest finding, which is consistent with the findings of other assessments, such as those carried out by Efsa [European Food Safety Authority].”

Glyphosate is the world’s most widely used weedkiller and made up a third of Monsanto’s total sales, before taxes and interest last year. It is so ubiquitous that surveys show almost all Europeans have significant traces of the substance in their bodies.

Results from the urine samples of 48 MEPs last month showed that all had glyphosate traces in their bodies, with the average concentration being 1.7 micrograms a litre, 17 times above the limit for drinking water.

The Green MEP for the south-west of England, Molly Scott Cato, said: “With ongoing controversy over the health risks of glyphosate, we can be quite sure it has no place in the human body. We hold concerns for its impact on biodiversity, with evidence of glyphosate having detrimental impacts on the honey bee, monarch butterfly, skylark and earthworm populations, and posing a threat to the quality of our soil.”

The JMPR’s analyses are used to set the tolerable residue levels for products in international trade, although campaign groups such as Greenpeace contest its independence.

The group’s recommendation to maintain current allowable daily intakes (ADI) of 0-1mg of glyphosate per kilogram of body weight do not conflict with a recent Efsa proposal to raise the ADI in Europe from 0.3 to 05mg per kilogram.

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Press Release for March Against Monsanto Penticton

march tractor

Photo taken from the Penticton March in 2013 coming up Martin Street

Locals Supporting Locals, is organizing the 5th annual March against Monsanto on Saturday, May 21, starting at 11:00 am at Gyro Park, 100 Main St., Penticton.

Farmers and winemakers will speak about their personal solutions to providing GMO-free agricultural products in the Okanagan. Included among the speakers is Gabe Cipes, from Summerhill Pyramid Winery and the Vice-President of the Certified Organic  Biodynamic Agriculture society of BC and a representative of the Certified Organic Associations of BC board. Cipes will discuss alternatives to conventional agriculture and the threat of trans-genetically modified organisms. There will also be a number of tables with displays on site.

March Against Monsanto is a Worldwide Event taking place in over 40 countries and 400 cities on the same day. More than 38 countries have either banned GMOs including Russia or are restricting the importation of GMO goods or placing moratoriums until more research is conducted.

Kevin Proteau, organizer and spokesperson for the local event points out,  “Health Canada, in contrast to the rest of the world, is approving more GMO products such as apples and potatoes into our markets every year despite the move away from conventional agriculture that includes GMOs. The evidence is the growth in sales of organic, non-gmo produce.”

The global market for organic products, once a small-scale niche market, reached a value of almost $US 63 billion in 2011. In Canada, the organic food sector has seen dramatic growth in recent years with consumption developing at a faster rate than production.

The end-goal of Locals Supporting Locals is a GMO-free Okanagan” says Proteau. The whole valley is now gathered together and if you cannot make it to the  Penticton event please join the events in Kelowna, Vernon, Lumby and Enderby.

He suggests for those attending, to bring your own sign, or show up early and make a sign on-site. Costumes are welcome.

For more information on the event, to have a table, or volunteer, please contact Kevin Proteau at or by telephone at 250.770.9789

Bayer Reportedly Looking To Acquire Monsanto For $40 Billion


Bayer Reportedly Looking To Acquire Monsanto For $40 Billion

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Pro-Vaxxers RUNNING, Hiding, Cringing, Whimpering, Surrounding Themselves With Gunmen…


LAUGH OUT LOUD: Pro-Vaxxers RUNNING, Hiding, Cringing, Whimpering, Surrounding Themselves With Gunmen…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate – Tim Bolen


It has begun…

The VACCINE HOLOCAUST DENIALISTS never, ever, imagined that there would be an anti-vax uprising of this magnitude.  To them, all Americans are sheep.

Paul Offit actually thought he was SO WONDERFUL that no one would ever question his “10,000 vaccines at once” nonsense.  Now he’s a laughing-stock avoiding “opportunities” to get those 10,000 vaccines jabbed into his ass at one sitting.

But, Richard Pan, the nitwit that thought his efforts might make him President of the US, carried in on drug lord money, after he got a mandatory vaccine bill (SB277) passed in California takes the laughing-stock cake now.  Far surpassing Offit.

Yesterday, in the California State capitol, the excellent movie “Vaxxed” was screened.  Coming with the movie was, of course, Andy Wakefield, Del Bigtree, and a few hundred others.


But Del Bigtree had an other idea.  he thought he’d stop by and chat for a moment with Senator Richard Pan…

Here is the result.

This, I think, is a portent of things to come…


Consumer Advocate – Tim Bolen read more –


Supporting Locals and giving voice to business, farmers and individuals in harmony with local values!

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