The Coalition of ELDER RIGHTS Defenders


Seniors at Risk has joined with other advocates who are working to stop elder abuse by health care providers, government agencies and authorities.
We have just launched a new umbrella organization:  The Coalition of ELDER RIGHTS Defenders  (Elder Rights for short).
Two days ago, we sent a submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs regarding Bill C-14 Medical Assistance in Dying (attached).
We are not objecting to assisted suicide. We’re against endangering, harming and killing people in hospitals and nursing homes who are not suffering irremediable and unbearable ailments and who don’t want to die – something that is now rampant across Canada. Safeguards aren’t working now, and the safeguards proposed under Bill C-14 won’t work either.
The huge amount of attention that the proposed assisted suicide legislation is now getting across Canada is an opportunity for us to expose the growing menace of elder abuse by health care providers and other authorities. We posted our 2-page Senate submission on our new website, along with shocking case evidence of unlawful conduct by doctors and nurses against elderly people and their families.
The Senate is currently debating Bill C-14 and may vote on it as early as this comingMonday, June 6th
Please EMAIL senators to THIS WEEKEND to let them know your views and concerns.Your email need not be lengthy, even a few sentences will have an impact.
WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT:  Senators are not there to vote according to their personal views, but to reflect the views of citizens. If enough people pressure them about the dangerous and frightening treatment seniors are getting from doctors and nurses in hospitals and nursing homes now, then that may cause the Senate to think twice about rushing this poorly-thought-out legislation through. This legislation will give doctors and nurses immunity from prosecution for every death they claim is assisted suicide. This will encourage more abuse and make it virtually impossible to stop malicious acts of harm or homicide such as we profiled in our Senate submission.
Contact info for members of the Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs:
Contact info for all senators:


We would also appreciate your help to spread the word about The Coalition of ELDER RIGHTS Defenders, and helping us to create a lively online community (united we stand, divided we fall). We have an excellent Advisory Board working with us, see attached.
Please share our new presence far and wide. Here are the links where you can make comments on our website, make Facebook posts and tweet your support, stories, opinions and concerns:
Website:  It’s brand new, so we have not had time to publish much content yet, but we plan to be adding new articles and exposing evidence from cases of wrongdoing frequently.
The direct link to Elder Rights’ submission to the Senate on Bill C-14 is:
Thank you for your support,


Lois Sampson

Elder Rights Advocate

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