In Skaha Park, RESTAURANT is not a permitted

June 6, 2016.

Letter to Editor

In Skaha Park, RESTAURANT is not a permitted use, but City allows the Lessee to operate one. March 16, 2015, City issued a MARINA Business Licence only. In July, I advised City that a RESTAURANT was operating without a RESTAURANT Business Licence, as City or Lessee could not produce such. August 6, 2015, City reissued Business Licence 00015313 to Trio Marine Group, to include both Marina and Restaurant, even though it was against their own City Bylaws.
On January 26, 2015, Liquor Control & Licensing received a “Food & Beverage” application from the Lessee and was granted one on June 19, 2015, even though Lessee did not have a RESTAURANT BUSINESS LICENCE, which is a requirement of the ACT. The ACT required the Kelowna based, BCLB Inspector to do due diligence, before a Permit was issued. Due to these dates, it should have been a red flag for the BCLB and no liquor Permit should have been issued. Therefore, Lessee sold liquor for well over a month without a legal liquor licence, right under the noses of City Bylaw officers and this will continue in 2016.
To date, I have yet to receive replies to my letters from four City staff, including the Mayor, in this regards.
Nelson Meikle

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