LSL – Penticton City Council has done it again

Transparency be damned……….

City Council has done it again. They seem to have thrown transparency  out of the window. Surprise! Surprise! Who knew?

The key word here is “engagement,” I believe or is it lack thereof when it comes to informing the electorate.


It seems that at last meeting council saw fit make room for this (staff/contract) position. The closing date was listed as August 22. The date of this letter writing is August 21st. Yet council is sanctioning this position as of Monday, August 22. Doesn’t that seem somewhat of a rush decision? One would think that with such an important position the closing date should be at least 30 days. Was this posted to get the best candidate for the job? Or maybe like Councilor Picton, we chose not to read it because it might be negative. The whole process looks somewhat fishy to me. It’s about as transparent as a one square meter piece of lead. It seems to have a stronger aroma than the treatment plant on a windy day.


This whole scenario seems to play out as council having a preconceived idea as to who the candidate should be and that the candidate was hand-picked. I guess we’ll never know as council is not known for being transparent!



Ron Barillaro


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