A rally has been set for Sept 6 at Gyro Park

Dear Editor:

A rally has been set for Sept 6 at Gyro Park, the same evening of a Council meeting.  The issues at stake go far beyond a water slide park.  It’s about City officials doing as they please with taxpayer owned properties.
The examples are numerous.  Here’s a partial list:  1) building a marina adjacent to the SS Sicamous;  2) constructing a passenger unloading dock around the bow of the SS Sicamous;   3) moving the library and art gallery to the SOEC property;  4) metering beaches and parks;  5) leasing land for a casino;  6) leasing park land for 40 years to build a burger/ice cream restaurant; 7) demolishing the Memorial Arena for a multi story parking arcade which will lead to metering the entire complex, and;  8) the contentious issue of Council’s persistent effort to lease Skaha Lake Park and marina to commercial developers for the construction of a water slide and miniature golf course.
Secret in-camera meetings, making special deals, ignoring public opinion, withholding information, and the squandering of public funds combines all of the examples listed above into a single strand. Our city leaders will not reverse direction unless forced to do so by a huge outcry from the public.    To date, Council has ignored 8,000+ petition signers, hundreds of letters to the editor, and two large rallies.  The cost of defending two civil lawsuits is the end result of Council’s refusal to listen to the community they are supposed to serve.
Now is the time to step forward and be heard.  It is vital to attend the rally.  Bring your bells, drums, whistles, noise makers, signs and enthusiasm. To get the attention of Council, the chamber windows are going to have to rattle from the reverberations of discontent emanating from Gyro Park.
Tell your neighbors, guests and those who live in neighboring communities it is essential they attend this rally. Administrators and care givers of senior facilities should consider scheduling a bus trip so the voice of the elderly can be heard since there were excluded from voting two years ago.  Students should organize and demand their voices be heard for they are the future voters and taxpayers that will inherit the decisions of a rapidly changing community.  City workers who fear retribution should participate to a level that will keep their employment safe and secure.
The water side proposal is a bait and switch that will eventually turn into a high rise multi use complex with commercial stores on ground level.  Consider this past summer’s weather and think about the financial viability of a water slide park. Pure and simple, it’s a ruse to gain control of valuable publilc land.
Get involved.  Spread the word by networking, tweet and re-tweet on social media, email your friends, phone everyone you know locally and, for sure, be at Gyro Park by 4:45 onTuesday, September 6th!

Media Release-Osoyoos Secondary is OPEN

Media Release
There will be a rally of celebration to see the OSS students back to school Tues Sept 6
Brenda Dorosz(OIS  society and SOS committee)  along with Jamie Elder organized the event to celebrate the success of keeping our only high school OPEN in Osoyoos. We are hoping for hundreds !!! Spread the word–come celebrate !
The entire community is invited to stand , hoot, holler, jump for joy the welcome the students back to THEIR school.
We are trying to confirm some big semi trucks as well to blast horns in celebration ! 8-825am Tues Sept 6 , corner of the OSS parking lot
questions, contact me
thank you

Brenda Dorosz :-)