Sit Back Or Rally – Penticton

Sit Back Or Rally

I have to disagree with Jake Kimberley on his latest letter to the editor.

He claims that a referendum is redundant!  That may be true Jake BUT to try and subdue a group of lovers of Skaha Park to not rally in a peaceful protest is beginning to sound like City Hall all over again.

The city  signed  the contract causing this mess without a referendum, yes but there are other issues for the purpose of the rally.  It’s about being vocal on protesting the fact that City council signed the deal giving away the park.

In the latest statement to the paper from the  Mayor, “all parties are best served by coming to the table for a rational conversation free from sensationalism and lawyers”.   That’s a great idea!  You can’t settle something out of court unless  all parties meet.

Do you think the residents should sit back in silence and wait for the next step in a lawsuit, number one or number two lawsuit?  Either lawsuit will cost taxpayers.

Do you think that being vocal as a group to remind council that we are not going away, we are not the silent majority but in fact to remind council we are still here is wrong?

We are not  waiting in silence for another press release.

Time is running out.  We need to be vocal! This needs to be resolved at a cost savings to taxpayers.

There will be a peaceful rally in Gyro Park Tuesday Sept 6th at 4:45 p.m. and it will be the voice of the people who will be heard. Bring your lawn chair and don’t forget your sign!

And as long as Skaha Park is left free for all to enjoy with no fences,  who really cares which lawsuit wins…remember the trophy is the park and the winners are the people …

Louella Sloboda

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