LSL – Love for Kourtney: 500 Friends with Heart Needed in 48 Hours

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Wanted: 500 people with heart in 48 hours

Realizing your life is drawing to a close — especially when you’re only 19 years of age — is incomprehensible for most of us. This is exactly what Kourtney has been dealing with ever since her diagnosis at 7 months of age.

Let’s show Kourtney some love. She is in her last days of advanced transplant rejection. Very generous people have already contributed to her quality of life these past few weeks, but now Kourtney is worried about her memorial service. She doesn’t want to be a burden to her mom, who simply can’t afford it.

The initial goal was $5000 to help her be more comfortable in her final days. When the campaign first started, the focus was on Kourtney’s quality of life and not the expenses that would inevitably follow her passing. The focus of the fundraising has now shifted to provide for Kourtney’s memorial service.

For Kourtney, there is no more time. Please help relieve this burden. Visit


Over Population is a Myth

Most people think that the world is overpopulated. Is this true or is it far from the truth? Science behind the idea that it is looks to be outdated and false. Many scientists have long ago debunked this idea, showing that the human race is in no danger of overpopulating the planet, and in fact is facing a demographic collapse. So why do the vast majority of people worry that there are too many of us?