Exclusive: The REAL Reason for Zika Hype (+ Congress wants $1.1B To “Fight Zika!”)

We have an exclusive. I don’t get those often.
But someone higher up than me is talking. I won’t say names. No matter what.
THIS is HUGE so read carefully below video which is Facebook live.
 This is what we know:
1. The Clean Water Act has a stipulation where if you’re going to pollute US waters, you need a NPDES permit: https://www.epa.gov/npdes
2.  Mosquito control pesticides pollute the hell out of the water: https://www3.epa.gov/npdes/pubs/pgp_factsheet_mosquitocontrol.pdf
3.  The American Mosquito Control Association is a “Non Profit” that is basically an extension of the chemical companies who HEAVILY advertise in all their publications (Read that twice)  They are completely biased towards the use of chemicals and and many call them totally corrupt.
4.  The American Mosquito Control Association lobbied to have a bill passed in Congress called HR 935 that would provide exemptions for mosquito control operations to the NPDES program: http://www.mosquito.org/assets/amca%20cwa%20position%202013.pdf
5.  Congress said no.
7.  Congress left on recess before approving that bill but it still could be approved if there was enough hype and political pressure.

8.  The corrupt CDC used to say Aerial spraying was a last resort but suddenly they’re very pro spraying. For example, in this story: http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/02/health/zika-bee-spraying-lessons/index.html the CDC says, “We do recommend mosquito control to be done around travel-associated cases as well as locally transmitted cases if the mosquitoes that spread Zika are in the environment,” said entomologist Janet McAllister of the CDC’s Division of Vector-Borne Diseases. “We don’t want the virus to take hold in the local mosquito population.”

9.  Notice the name above?  Janet McAllister?  She’s the, “Vector Control Team Lead” at the CDC for Zika.  And she is a past President of the American Mosquito Control Association: http://www.csg.org/events/webinar/documents/McAllisterBio.pdf

10.  In addition to the Zika Control Act, the two organophosphates used in mosquito control (Naled and Malathion) are up for re-evaluation at the EPA under a special provision of the Endangered Species Act.  Both are being evaluated to see if they cause harm to endangered species.  If they do, they’re banned.  Unless of course there is massive political pressure.
They haven’t reviewed Naled yet but they’ve reviewed malathion and it doesn’t look good for malathion: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/apr/07/endangered-species-protection-animals-plants-pesticides-epa-insecticides
11.  The American Mosquito Control Association and the chemical companies can only benefit from huge hype and fear from surrounding Zika. They NEED the populace to fear Zika so that congress is forced to approve a terrible bill that would pollute/erode the Clean Water Act and eventually allow for Malathion and Naled continue to be used despite data showing their effect on Endangered Species.

12) #12 is longer but a MUST READ! We just had to share too:

Four major U.S. cities and all of Los Angeles County will share $2.4 million, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to assist in monitoring and dealing with Zika virus-related birth defects, the agency said Friday.
(Editor’s note: I lived in Los Angeles EIGHT long years. I worked on a balcony every day on my laptop. I never saw one mosquito and I was inland in West Hollywood- not at the beach.)

Chicago, Houston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles Countyreceived major (wasted) tax dollars to “enhance and coordinate responses” to the mosquito-borne virus and speed detection of microcephaly and other birth defects which aren’t even proven to be associated with Zika. Babies with microcephaly have undersized heads and underdeveloped brains, as most of you know.

The new funding “will enable these local areas to participate in these important activities in coordination with state efforts,” according to the CDC in an Orwellian News release.

Priorities include better Zika reporting and referrals of affected infants and families for treatment and social resources. (This part scares us- who is reporting affected families or children? What happens to them?)

Also, children born to women with positive or inconclusive Zika test results need monitoring to assess their development, the agency said.

Your child WILL be monitored whether you like it or not. Even if they don’t have microcephaly (which, so far, babies born in the US to moms who had Zika while pregnant, do NOT!)

New York City will receive more than $700,000; Philadelphia, about $348,000; and Chicago, $200,000. Houston can count on about $400,000 and Los Angeles County, $720,000, the CDC said.

The money comes on top of $16.4 million already awarded to states and territories for monitoring birth defects caused by Zika, and $5.5 million available to public health departments to respond to Zika-exposed pregnant women.

Again, to date, there have been NO birth defects in the United States tied to locally acquired Zika infections.

Florida is the only state in the continental United States to report locally transmitted cases of the virus. And guess what? I live here and they’re all just FINE- they aren’t even going to the hospital! There have been 47 cases of locally transmitted Zika cases in Miami-Dade County since the first case was identified about a month ago.

The vast majority of Zika infections have been in Latin America and the Caribbean, with Brazil at the epicenter.

Federal health officials have said for months that they expect to see cases of Zika infection in warm, humid Gulf Coast states such as Florida, Louisiana, and Texas.  But, the Zika virus doesn’t pose a significant health threat to most people, just pregnant women and fetuses. However, doctors and scientists all over the world deny this! They say this old virus isn’t causing microcephaly AT ALL!

The virus, while mainly transmitted by infected Aedes species mosquitoes, can also be spread by infected men and women via sexual intercourse. There is no vaccine or treatment for Zika says UPI. But they fail to mention that trials have already begun on victims …er volunteers who are getting injected with some pretty scary poisons as we speak, for the new “Zika vaccine”.

Everyone, especially pregnant women and those planning to become pregnant, should protect themselves from mosquito bites to avoid possible Zika infection, the CDC said. Perhaps, though, if the problem is that worrisome, and they’re destroying the nation for the supposed association, they should suggest birth control instead of killing millions of honey bees a day with spraying- even CNN is reporting this.

In related news, three mosquitoes in Miami Beach tested positive for the Zika virus, a first in the continental United States, Florida health officials said Thursday. That’s right folks, 3 whole skeeters!

The mosquitoes were trapped in the same area where several cases of human infection have occurred, officials said.

Ninety-five additional mosquito samples were subsequently tested for Zika and those mosquitoes were found to be Zika-free, the officials said (phew, we were so worried there).

On Tuesday, the head of the CDC said federal funds to combat the Zika virus are nearly exhausted and there will be no money to fight a new outbreak unless Congress approves more funding. But what’s exhausting is the CDC’s corruption; they are taking our dollars to fight a mild flu that’s not been proven to cause shrunken baby heads at ALL.

The Rockefeller University also tried to terrify the public saying this virus might fry adult brains, too.

As of last Friday, the CDC had spent $194 million of the $222 million it was given to fight the virus, said agency director Dr. Thomas Frieden, reports The New York Times (that is downright disgusting). 

Frieden said the need for new funding was urgent (Did Frieden really go to med school? Shocker. I cannot even write what we think and know about this quack of a “doctor”) because Congress broke for its summer recess without approving additional funding (GOOD!) and Zika is circulating in Florida.

The CDC has sent about $35 million to Florida and much of that has been spent, Frieden said. But, he added, if another cluster of Zika cases occurs in Florida, or if there is an outbreak in a second state, the agency would not be able to send emergency funds, according to The Times.

“The cupboard is bare, there’s no way to provide that,” he said at a briefing with reporters in Washington, D.C. (Wake up “doctor” are you really serious? Your hyped hoax is not working anymore. People are waking up!).

Senate Republicans have scheduled a vote on $1.1 billion in Zika funding for next Tuesday, when Congress comes back into session.

But Democrats oppose that package because it would exclude Planned Parenthood from the list of providers that would get new funding for contraception to combat the spread of Zika.

Public health experts say the funding issue is critical because the Gulf Coast, where the Aedes mosquito that transmits Zika mostly lives, is only halfway through peak mosquito season. There’s a high risk that Zika could start circulating in New Orleans or Houston, the newspaper reported. (Public health experts who work for a corrupt government and most say they are sold out mouth pieces- this is not real science!)

The danger of mosquito-borne Zika infection for pregnant American women became more “imminent” last month, with two neighborhoods in the Miami area reporting cases of locally acquired infection. The CDC is now advising that pregnant women avoid traveling to these areas of Miami to reduce their risk of contracting Zika (really? that’s imminent?).

The CDC is also advising pregnant women not to travel to an area where active Zika transmission is ongoing, and to use insect repellent and wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts if they are in those areas. Partners of pregnant women are advised to use a condom to guard against sexual transmission during pregnancy.

More information

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides more propaganda here that you shouldn’t believe from this disgrace of a govt agency: CDC’s lies on mosquito-borne diseases.

This Q & A will tell you what you need to know about Zika, according to this sold out agency, which has nothing to do with real science. The #cdcwhistleblower should tell you that. They should have a complete overhaul, as they are a farce.

To see the CDC list of sites where Zika virus is active and “may pose a threat to pregnant women”, click here (that’s probably where they’re having a sprayfest with Zika spray which we DO know in studies shows CAN cause microcephaly!)

Wake up people, before it’s too late.

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