The Skaha Lake Park fantasy

Letter to the editor – Penticton Herald

For those who supported the water slides in a Dedicated Public Park…re-read The Herald Sept 16 and 17th 2014 .City senior staff shows their EXPRESSION OF INTEREST looking for new developers at the Skaha Marina site (and park) as follows : First on the list is HOTEL,last on the list :Entertainment or Recreation (Waterslide).Now look at the Sept 19th Western News saying Citys E.O.I request specified SPECIAL CONSIDERATION may be given to INTENSIVE redevelopment of the site as a restaurant/HOTEL…..everybody….HMMMMM

   Now for a fairy tale of how 1 man attempts to destroy a city worthy of heritage status to make it into a MODERN big city look to appease himself as a high-end designer/developer…? This man had such a big ego,but how could he put this dream into progress without public interference….aaaaa lets make the Dream Team he thought in the next election where he could convince/control elected officials.First hurdle was to eliminate the seniors favorite candidate….hmmmm …1 polling station and long line ups should work to discourage senior voters ,now how about the rest?? lets hand pick the DREAM TEAM .Individuals who were willing to assist each other in the election and stick to the vision of this man no matter what the public may think,after all what intelligence does the public really have,we know what is best for this city and in the end when we are done,all will approve ,we will be heroes and we will live happily ever after in this brand new city that should be renamed DREAM CITY.
  Any simularities to any present day events or places are purely coincidental,after all…this IS a fairy tale….Stay tuned for more DREAM CITY fairy tales
Clifford Martin

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