LSL- 700 Penticton residents Rally to oppose development of Skaha Park (pt 1))

Locals Supporting Locals – The Heartbeat of the Okanagan alternative media –

3 Video’s Below 

Penticton Citizens First , a new group formed held a Rally in Gyro Park September 6 ,2016 to oppose the commercial development of Skaha Lake Park but as well intend on tackling other issue’s that effect us in our community.Other issue’s include parking meters sewer taxes ..etc…

This is an edited version of just Nelson Meikle speaking in regards to Skaha Lake Park and will post other speakers on separate video due to time length
Please share this video with family and friends to help educate folks

You can join Penticton Citizens First FB page –…

2nd video in full for those who wish to see all and hold news media accountable
3rd video – LSL- Interview with Ron Barillaro on Parking Meters in Penticton

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