LSL – Love for Kourtney: 500 Friends with Heart Needed in 48 Hours

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Wanted: 500 people with heart in 48 hours

Realizing your life is drawing to a close — especially when you’re only 19 years of age — is incomprehensible for most of us. This is exactly what Kourtney has been dealing with ever since her diagnosis at 7 months of age.

Let’s show Kourtney some love. She is in her last days of advanced transplant rejection. Very generous people have already contributed to her quality of life these past few weeks, but now Kourtney is worried about her memorial service. She doesn’t want to be a burden to her mom, who simply can’t afford it.

The initial goal was $5000 to help her be more comfortable in her final days. When the campaign first started, the focus was on Kourtney’s quality of life and not the expenses that would inevitably follow her passing. The focus of the fundraising has now shifted to provide for Kourtney’s memorial service.

For Kourtney, there is no more time. Please help relieve this burden. Visit


Over Population is a Myth

Most people think that the world is overpopulated. Is this true or is it far from the truth? Science behind the idea that it is looks to be outdated and false. Many scientists have long ago debunked this idea, showing that the human race is in no danger of overpopulating the planet, and in fact is facing a demographic collapse. So why do the vast majority of people worry that there are too many of us?

Billion dollar blunder at BC Hydro means families will pay the price


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VICTORIA— Families will face massive hydro rate hikes after the Christy Clark government secretly added more than $1 billion dollars to BC Hydro’s debt last year.

“Just after the last election, Premier Christy Clark surprised families across B.C. with a staggering 28 per cent hydro rate hike,” said New Democrat Leader John Horgan. “By missing their debt reduction plan by more than $1 billion dollars, BC Hydro and the Christy Clark government could saddle ratepayers with another $500 hike each right after the next election.”

According to BC Hydro’s latest annual report, the crown corporation was $1.1 billion off target for a major debt, primarily due to a huge overestimation of domestic revenue for power.

“The current rate hikes were based on a plan that didn’t expect that extra billion dollars in debt, which means that there is an inevitable day of reckoning to come,” said New Democrat spokesperson on BC Hydro Adrian Dix. “That billion dollar blunder breaks down to an extra $500 for every ratepayer in B.C. Those are families and businesses across the province that will be on the hook.

“Even worse, Christy Clark and her energy minister seem completely unconcerned. They are pretending this $1.1 billion mistake doesn’t exist, when British Columbians know it exists, and it’s going to show up as an increase in their hydro bill.”

The annual report can be found here: 2015/16 Annual Service Plan Report

Page 29 and 58 of the report can be read here. The 10-year plan vs actual comparison which shows the $1.1 billion gap can be read here.

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Sit Back Or Rally – Penticton

Sit Back Or Rally

I have to disagree with Jake Kimberley on his latest letter to the editor.

He claims that a referendum is redundant!  That may be true Jake BUT to try and subdue a group of lovers of Skaha Park to not rally in a peaceful protest is beginning to sound like City Hall all over again.

The city  signed  the contract causing this mess without a referendum, yes but there are other issues for the purpose of the rally.  It’s about being vocal on protesting the fact that City council signed the deal giving away the park.

In the latest statement to the paper from the  Mayor, “all parties are best served by coming to the table for a rational conversation free from sensationalism and lawyers”.   That’s a great idea!  You can’t settle something out of court unless  all parties meet.

Do you think the residents should sit back in silence and wait for the next step in a lawsuit, number one or number two lawsuit?  Either lawsuit will cost taxpayers.

Do you think that being vocal as a group to remind council that we are not going away, we are not the silent majority but in fact to remind council we are still here is wrong?

We are not  waiting in silence for another press release.

Time is running out.  We need to be vocal! This needs to be resolved at a cost savings to taxpayers.

There will be a peaceful rally in Gyro Park Tuesday Sept 6th at 4:45 p.m. and it will be the voice of the people who will be heard. Bring your lawn chair and don’t forget your sign!

And as long as Skaha Park is left free for all to enjoy with no fences,  who really cares which lawsuit wins…remember the trophy is the park and the winners are the people …

Louella Sloboda

A rally has been set for Sept 6 at Gyro Park

Dear Editor:

A rally has been set for Sept 6 at Gyro Park, the same evening of a Council meeting.  The issues at stake go far beyond a water slide park.  It’s about City officials doing as they please with taxpayer owned properties.
The examples are numerous.  Here’s a partial list:  1) building a marina adjacent to the SS Sicamous;  2) constructing a passenger unloading dock around the bow of the SS Sicamous;   3) moving the library and art gallery to the SOEC property;  4) metering beaches and parks;  5) leasing land for a casino;  6) leasing park land for 40 years to build a burger/ice cream restaurant; 7) demolishing the Memorial Arena for a multi story parking arcade which will lead to metering the entire complex, and;  8) the contentious issue of Council’s persistent effort to lease Skaha Lake Park and marina to commercial developers for the construction of a water slide and miniature golf course.
Secret in-camera meetings, making special deals, ignoring public opinion, withholding information, and the squandering of public funds combines all of the examples listed above into a single strand. Our city leaders will not reverse direction unless forced to do so by a huge outcry from the public.    To date, Council has ignored 8,000+ petition signers, hundreds of letters to the editor, and two large rallies.  The cost of defending two civil lawsuits is the end result of Council’s refusal to listen to the community they are supposed to serve.
Now is the time to step forward and be heard.  It is vital to attend the rally.  Bring your bells, drums, whistles, noise makers, signs and enthusiasm. To get the attention of Council, the chamber windows are going to have to rattle from the reverberations of discontent emanating from Gyro Park.
Tell your neighbors, guests and those who live in neighboring communities it is essential they attend this rally. Administrators and care givers of senior facilities should consider scheduling a bus trip so the voice of the elderly can be heard since there were excluded from voting two years ago.  Students should organize and demand their voices be heard for they are the future voters and taxpayers that will inherit the decisions of a rapidly changing community.  City workers who fear retribution should participate to a level that will keep their employment safe and secure.
The water side proposal is a bait and switch that will eventually turn into a high rise multi use complex with commercial stores on ground level.  Consider this past summer’s weather and think about the financial viability of a water slide park. Pure and simple, it’s a ruse to gain control of valuable publilc land.
Get involved.  Spread the word by networking, tweet and re-tweet on social media, email your friends, phone everyone you know locally and, for sure, be at Gyro Park by 4:45 onTuesday, September 6th!

Media Release-Osoyoos Secondary is OPEN

Media Release
There will be a rally of celebration to see the OSS students back to school Tues Sept 6
Brenda Dorosz(OIS  society and SOS committee)  along with Jamie Elder organized the event to celebrate the success of keeping our only high school OPEN in Osoyoos. We are hoping for hundreds !!! Spread the word–come celebrate !
The entire community is invited to stand , hoot, holler, jump for joy the welcome the students back to THEIR school.
We are trying to confirm some big semi trucks as well to blast horns in celebration ! 8-825am Tues Sept 6 , corner of the OSS parking lot
questions, contact me
thank you

Brenda Dorosz :-)

World Government To Seize The Internet – United Nations Takeover

Published on Aug 31, 2016

Josh Sigurdson breaks down how the United Nations will indeed take control of the internet on September 30th, 2016. We are literally a month away from a global government controlling what was once one of the only beacons of freedom left. Imagine the same global order that strives to throw everyone into debt enslavement and servitude regulating the internet.

On top of that, as leaked George Soros documents show, he has been trying to get his Rothschild friends to regulate the internet in favor of his Open Society Foundation which is not only working to destabilize countries and cause chaos but is also one of the biggest pegs in the divide and conquer agenda being played out across the board. Alongside this, Soros’ biggest puppet, Hillary Clinton according to Clinton e-mails plans to try and shut down websites like Infowars and Breitbart.
As the alternative media is winning the infowar, the globalists are doing anything in their power to shut us down and now more than ever we need the individuals who care about liberty to stand up and demand the internet stay free even if there are already several reasons to believe it is not free as the NSA watches our every move.
Where are all the people who stood up against SOPA and PIPA? ICANN will be controlled and regulated through the United Nations so don’t mistake this as being handed over to some NGO, the UN WILL be in control.

The globalists are desperate and we need to make sure to put them in their place and refuse their orders. Refuse their conditioning, propaganda and agenda. We don’t have long, so spread this video around!

Stay tuned for more!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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Globalist Central Bankers Investing Your Money & Destroying Global Economy

Published on Aug 31, 2016

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the investments in stocks and bonds by central bankers and the insanity of putting our currency at risk all while they print it out of thin air causing devaluation, debt and inflation. These globalist scum bags thrive on debt and destruction and we are the pawns they’re using in their game.
As Zero Hedge reported, central banks own 25 trillion dollars in financial assets. The very notion of this truth is reprehensible and enough to give anyone against all out economic chaos a headache to say the least.
John and Josh break down this issue and demand an end to this globalist ownership and enslavement of the populace. How long can someone get used until they finally snap and say “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”
The clock is ticking and we’ll have to wait and see!

Canada’s Housing Bubble Is About To Explode

Published on Aug 31, 2016

“Since 2008/2009 when the Fed pumped the world with cheap credit in the wake of recession caused by pumping the world full of cheap credit, Vancouver real estate prices, as well as the rest of Canadian real state, has been climbing and climbing, to the point that now Vancouver locals can’t even afford a home.”
In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains that for Canadians, it all comes back to the Bank of Canada. By manually lowering interest rates through open market operations, they’ve left the private Chartered banks more leveraged and less capitalized than the American banks were in the run up to the 2008/09 recession.