D DAY for Skaha Marina Agreement

skaha lake

Letter to Editor

D DAY for Skaha Marina Agreement

Because October 1, fell on a Saturday, Monday will be the first Legal day for “City of Penticton must receive from Trio and acknowledge in writing receipt of a detailed financing plan from Trio.” This financing plan must contain details showing approved financing sufficient to pay for all aspects of capital expenditures set out in Section 15 of the “August 4, 2015, Marina Agreement” and approved financing to cover the operating expenses associated with the first 2 [two] years of operation. City of Penticton, could move in other directions, as they did September 28, 2015. Please attend this important October 4, 2016, Council meeting scheduled at 1 PM and 6 PM. Skaha Marina is not on their Council Agenda but could appear at 1 PM, as # 2- Introduction of Late Item or # 8- Correspondence. Then at 6 PM, it could appear at # 17-Business Arising from In-Camera. With no engagement to date with me and no transparency, City of Penticton may extend the time frames again or ??? Other important dates come up next month, as well as January and March of 2017. Please support us by showing up to one of these Council meeting times at 1 PM or 6 PM, this Tuesday, October 4, 2016.

Nelson Meikle

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