Open Letter to Mayor and Council re. Trio’s due date, Oct. 1

Re. the deadline date, Oct.1, 2016 , for Trio Marine’s Proposed Development at Skaha, Mayor Jakubeit is now saying, “..staff still requires some time to clarify, research and write a report for Council to consider on how we proceed”.
I take this as another example of your lack of respect and regard for the thoughts and wishes of thousands of us residents and visitors to this community,
who have Petitioned against the leasing of Skaha Park for commercial development.
who have been sadly shocked and disappointed in you
who have been kept “on hold” in this very “hot”  important matter.
Or is it an admission of incompetence?  Surely not the latter, as you, your Staff, Trio and all the Lawyers have had plenty of time to consider the options and to prepare for this due date.
Oct. 1, 2016 was the (additional year extension) due date given to answer, does Trio met the expectations, or do they not?
See you at Council Meeting.
Hannah Hyland

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