Penticton New OCP and Bylaws Need More Input

Dear Editors:
 New OCP and Bylaws Need More Input
The Mayor and Council and select staff and committees have been in the process of making a new Official Community Plan and Bylaws for Penticton. I  welcome all of the COP to reply to this Letter.
As the OCP and Bylaws affect all of us,these should be made with consideration for and in the best interest of all the people, and thereby should reflect the wishes of the majority of the electorate.
How can that occur when the Mayor/ Council and Staff disregard and avoid thousands of people and their expressed wishes? For example, the thousands who signed Petitions and hundreds who have written Letters to the COP and Newspapers, have made personal phone calls, and attempted communication at Council meetings!?
Are all these many people simply ignorant and to be ignored – residents and visitors to Penticton, men, women of all ages, from all walks and work in life, races and creeds!?
Mayor Jakubeit, Council and Staff, I hope, will make a turn-about,and acknowledge these people and their input in the creation of the OCP and Bylaws, and then truly make them in the best interest of this community!

 Hannah Hyland

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