LSL- Information session on the City of Penticton/Trio marine agreement

Locals Supporting Locals The Heartbeat of the Okanagan media presents-…..(unedited)Penticton Citizens First-information update meeting on Save Skaha Park Nov 19,2016
Information session was on the City of Penticton/Trio marine agreements.. Some freedom of information info was presented as well as some new information.
anyone interested in the documents mentioned in the video please contact
There was over 200 people at the meeting.
, very interested and alert people came to hear Nelson’s presentation about the New City Trio Enhanced Agreement and his assessment of it, followed by a question and answer time.
The message felt by most was the agreement is nil and void due to Trio NOT meeting it’s demands put out by the city.
The City of Penticton will be hosting a hearing on November 23 ,2016 on the new proposals. Locals will be there to record the hearing in full so as to keep the community informed without any editing just raw footage.