Why Is Germany Hoarding So Much Gold? – 410 Tonnes Repatriated In 2 Years!

Published on 30 Dec 2016

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about Germany’s hoarding of gold. In the past 2 years alone, Germany has repatriated 410 tonnes of gold. Russia and China have also been hoarding gold as the west has been selling off the gold. Canada recently sold off the last of the gold.
There appears to be a massive power shift happening in the gold world. While it’s debatable whether the Federal Reserve is actually holding gold or not in the United States, the government certainly does not want the people insuring themselves with gold.
Josh and John talk about whether Germany is preparing for war, if Germany is buying up gold strictly at a governmental level like the U.S. did in the 1930’s, while potentially banning private ownership as well as the recent revelations that the market has been heavily manipulated by those at Deutsche Bank, Scotia Bank, UBS, HSBC and several other banking giants.

Max Igan explains how to take it back in the New Year

Arrest Hillary Clinton and Sack the Mainstream Media

Improvement needed for local elections in Penticton and across B.C

Dear Editor:

Civic governments have the responsibility to oversee civic elections through the Municipal Charter. Elections BC has jurisdiction over financing. That should be expanded to ensure open, fair and honest elections. There are too many unanswered questions about voters’ lists; ballots being put through twice; inadequate scrutineering held only at the discretion of candidates; and the security of the vote with malfunctioning counting machines.

During the advance poll in Penticton’s 2014 municipal election the voting machines stopped working and had to be reset. According to the civil servant running the election; the voters that had previously voted had their ballots run through again during a quiet time at the polls that day.

There is no security of the ballot box.

Many voters are skeptical of the election results: One candidate claimed he had five cars driving people to the poll on Election Day. These cars drove the same people three and four times to the polls. Discouraged by over long line-ups they never got to vote.

Conspiracy theories; may be right or wrong; regardless the election system needs to be changed for municipal elections. A review of the municipal election act should include: Removing civil servants from the election; Numbered ballots; methods of securing the voting machinery and memory cards ensuring tamper proofing; methods to secure the ballot boxes.

It should include a method of ensuring the integrity of the vote once voters have selected their candidates. Hard copies of voters’ registration lists should be made available to all scrutineers. Scrutineers should come from the community at large; be experienced in provincial and federal elections, etc. Numbers of polls open should be mandated by law according to the population and regulations concerning the senior’s homes ensuring the right to vote for those that still want the privilege. This last election there was no travelling ballot boxes in the many senior homes in Penticton.

New registrations should be handled separately during an election to ensure they do not hold up the registered voters from voting and their vote should be held in abeyance until their credentials can be verified.

Voter skepticism of a rigged election combined with voter suppression whether intended or not; leaves Penticton City Council’s present mandate dubious.

I urge everyone to watch these two videos then ask your MLA to bring municipal elections under the Elections Act the same as provincial and federal elections.

Elvena Slump


4 Agreements on Penticton Skaha Park

On December 23/16, I was advised that the 4 signed and dated copies were ready for pickup from the front desk at City Hall by Dana Schmidt, Corporate Officer.  Penticton residents that attended Council meeting on December 20/16 heard Mitch M. state to me in “Question Period” portion [9.8] that there were 4 “Agreements”, however when I review the documents I received, 1- Settlement Agreement 12/22/16   2-Skaha Marina-Enhanced Development Agreement 12/22/16    3- Licence to Use [City Lands ONLY] Council Approved 9/28/15 which covers 2016 only    4-Sub-License of Occupation 1/1/16 [Province Lands] unsigned.
I am not sure where these incorrect documents are going to end up, but I intend to wait until Jan 2017, before responding to COP in this regards, as the time frames on # 3, # 4 will have expired for sure, as they are both dated to cover 2015, 2016.
I find it hard to believe that COP cannot give the Penticton Citizens the correct documentation even after they admit in Public forum that there are 4 specific documents.
I am looking forward  to 2017 to keep a tight grip on COP, Staff, Mayor and Council.
Happy New Year to all and thanks for your support and I intend to keep the pedal to the metal in 2017, 2018.


Globalist War on Tobacco

Published on 29 Dec 2016

Faith Goldy provides a collection of her and Lauren Southern’s experiences in Delhi, India covering the World Health Organization’s anti-tobacco framework, the FCTC. MORE: http://www.therebel.media/globalist_w…
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“Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act” Signed Into Law! (NDAA 2017)

Published on 27 Dec 2016

It is true there is breaking news today but you certainly won’t hear it from the mainstream media. While everyone was enjoying the holidays president Obama signed the NDAA for fiscal year 2017 into law which includes the “Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act” and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows how this new law is tantamount to “The Records Department of the Ministry of Truth” in George Orwell’s book 1984.

BREAKING: Independent Media At Risk of Government Censorship As NDAA Is Passed During The Holidays

Published on 29 Dec 2016

Josh Sigurdson breaks down the recently re-signed National Defense Authorization Act after Obama quietly passed the 2016 revision while everyone was distracted with the holidays.
Not only does the new version of the NDAA continue the allowance of warrantless arrests, surveillance and imprisonment of people without due process but it also contains a neatly hidden house resolution (HR. 5181) which may mean a full fledged ministry of truth within the U.S. government.
Also known as the “Countering Information Warfare Act of 2016” (S.2692), the act was in the making long before this so-called “fake news” narrative hit the headlines, though it clearly cites “fake news” as the reasoning behind the act alongside so-called Russian propaganda. (more below video)

While Donald Trump may seem anti-establishment in many ways, he’s certainly very militaristic and is unlikely to overturn the NDAA, so despite this media censorship act hurting him and his presidency, it will most likely stay in place throughout his term(s).
When the government wants the ability to control information, we have tyranny.
The government of course has controlled the narrative within the mainstream media for many decades, but this gives them far more leeway than they’ve had in the past except for perhaps ‘Operation Mockingbird’.
This is an organized attack on independent media and continues to through doublespeak propaganda at those attempting to bring the truth to the populace, simply painting them all as Russian propaganda and “fake news”.
There’s a reason why only 6% of people trust the mainstream media. The mainstream media is getting desperate and so are their masters, the globalist establishment.

Keeping elections honest in Penticton

Letter to editor

In October of 2014 two community activists Vicki Lightfoot and Kevin Proteau approached Penticton City Council with concerns over electronic vote counting machines. While they didn’t imply Penticton council hacked the machines Lightfoot’s point was that they could be hacked. Similar concerns were expressed in Osoyoos by council candidate Sy Murseli.

Lightfoot said that while council presently allows a council candidate to appoint a scrutineer what is the point when these voting machines can be set to alter the vote in any manner you wish.

Proteau offered a solution: Use the electronic machines on election night and then the next morning recount them by hand with qualified scrutineers in attendance. It wouldn’t take longer than a morning. Maybe even get a high school civics class to conduct the recount. That would be a great way to introduce them to the election process. (Herald, Oct 8, 2014)

Under experienced supervision it would also introduce them to importance of secure elections and making your vote count.


After a federal election Judge Gary Hearn speaking of the Robocalls affair called voter suppression a serious crime.

Though council promised to look at this matter what we received on Election Day in 2014 was a giant-sized screw up. Voters were prevented from entering near deserted voting chambers as new registrants voting for the first time flooded the polls effectively taking precedence over long time voters.

There were too many loose ends in the 2014 civic election leaving the possibility of tampering by the inadequate securing of elector paper ballots. Penticton voters will never know whether an efficient election with secure ballot protection would have changed the result of the election or not. Municipal councils have a duty to ensure that voters wishes are respected that they are allowed to vote and that those votes are securely held so that no allegations can be made that their votes were tampered with.

Safeguarding electoral ballots and the scrutineer sealing of ballot boxes before and after elections adequate voting opportunities along with a manual vote count is the only way voters can be sure their vote is honored and respected.

Please ask your MLA to bring municipal elections under the Elections Act the same as provincial and federal elections.


Attachments area

Preview YouTube video PART 2A: hack a Sequoia Advantage with Andrew Appel

PART 2A: hack a Sequoia Advantage with Andrew Appel

Preview YouTube video Hacking Democracy – The Hack

Hacking Democracy – The Hack

Elvena Slump

When Pentictonites go out to vote in a municipal election on voting day they like to think their wishes are respected. But are they?

Letter to editor 

On a cold winter day in 2007, Andrew Appel, a Princeton computer professor and election specialist, changed the outcome on voting machines in seven minutes. He proved something that should alarm everyone: in effect, it took seven minutes per machine to steal an election.

In testimony to a House of Representatives Technology Committee on September 28, 2016, which is now suddenly paying attention because of the fear of “Russian” hacking, Appel noted:

“Installing new software in a voting machine is not really much different from installing new software in any other kind of computer. Installing new software is how you hack a voting machine to cheat. In 2009, in the courtroom of the Superior Court of New Jersey, I demonstrated how to hack a voting machine. I wrote a vote-stealing computer program that shifts votes from one candidate to another. Installing that vote-stealing program in a voting machine takes seven minutes, per machine, with a screwdriver.” http://whowhatwhy.org/2016/10/31/easy-hack-voting-machines-endanger-democracy/

Appel has demonstrated and says it takes no super-hacking skills to alter voting counts: “I did this in a secure facility and I’m confident my program has not leaked out to affect real elections, but really the software I built was not rocket science — any computer programmer could write the same code. Once it’s installed, it could steal elections without detection for years to come.”

I urge everyone to watch this video explanation of vote machine hacking at; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t75xvZ3osFg&feature=youtu.be

There has been a lot of controversy in Penticton over the last civic election. The two Accuvote OS machines in current use in Penticton are more reliable that the newer machines because unlike the newer touch screen models apparently they can’t be hacked over the internet. However they can still be hacked using Appel’s method of altering the software. Alternatively elector voter cards can be destroyed altering the vote count. Because the Accuvote OS machines use a paper vote a manual vote count which includes a paper tally of actual number of votes against number of voters which will ensure that all votes were counted and all voters wishes are respected should be mandated by the provincial government.

Please take the time to review the above web links and ask your MLA to bring municipal elections under the Elections Act the same as provincial and federal elections.

Elvena Slump

Mayor cites population decline as Penticton ranked 34th best place to work in B.C.

Welcome to Penticton

Posted: Tuesday, December 27, 2016 2:50 pm

Relatively low household incomes and a shrinking population have left Penticton near the bottom of BC Business magazine’s annual ranking of the best cities in the province in which to work.

Penticton was listed at 34th among 36 cities of at least 10,000 people, down from 29th last year. It outranked only Port Alberni (35) and Powel River (36), but fared much worse than Okanagan rivals Kelowna (4) and Vernon (22).

Atop the list was Squamish, which scored highly on average household income and population growth, followed by Fort St. John and Dawson Creek, both of which polled well on average income and income growth, despite high unemployment rates.

Dragging down Penticton’s rating was a 2.25 per cent decrease in five-year population growth, which was the worst among the 36 contenders, and an average annual household income of $80,678 that ranked fourth worst.

Those factors were offset by an average annual shelter cost of $18,204, which placed Penticton 11th overall, and a 20 per cent spike in five-year income growth that was fifth best.

Mayor Andrew Jakubeit described the rankings as “subjective.”

“Fort St. John and Dawson Creek were Nos. 2 and 3 on the list, but most people wouldn’t compare those places to the paradise we have here in terms of lifestyle or beauty. After all, you still need to live where you work,” he said in a statement.

Jakubeit was pleased to see Penticton was competitive in categories that compared cost of shelter and income growth, but, “I think to have a negative (population) growth rate hurt our rankings as people generally associate more opportunities in cities that are growing.”

He went on to note real estate sales are on a record pace – already over $1 billion this year across the entire South Okanagan – as is construction activity, the value of which sits at $195 million in 2016, up from $60 million a year ago. The city was also recently named the country’s fourth most entrepreneurial – down two spots from last year – by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

“So while rankings can be utilized in branding or marketing, it still comes down to one’s personal preference,” said Jakubeit, “and all we can do is try to create an environment where economic activity is welcomed, can flourish, and there is a healthy balance of live, work and play.”

The editor of BC Business also cautioned against reading too much into the numbers.

“As with most such rankings, designing the list is as much art as science: we struggle to find the right balance between factors such as household incomes, unemployment rates and shelter costs,” Matt O’Grady, who couldn’t be reached for comment Tuesday, wrote in a note to readers.

“Rankings are a great tool, but important life decisions like where to live and work are highly personal.”

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The Benefits of Fermented Beets

vegetable juices

December 26, 2016

By Dr. Mercola

Story at-a-glance

  • Raw beet juice has been shown to lower blood pressure thanks to naturally-occurring nitrates that are converted into nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide helps relax and dilate blood vessels, improving blood flow
  • Beet juice can also boost stamina during exercise by as much as 16 percent, and has been shown to improve muscle capacity in people with heart failure by 13 percent
  • Fermenting your beets gives you all the health-boosting benefits of raw beets — which are made even more bioavailable through fermentation — plus the beneficial bacteria and enzymes that result from fermentation

Beets and raw beet juice are typically recommended in limited amounts due to high sugar content.

However, when fermented, beets may be among the healthiest vegetables out there, as most of the sugar is then gobbled up by beneficial bacteria during the fermentation process while leaving other health-boosting ingredients intact.

Fermented foods are also chock-full of probiotics or good bacteria. A large number of studies have demonstrated how the ideal balance and diversity of bacteria in your gut forms the foundation for physical, mental and emotional well-being, and fermented beet juice has many additional benefits beyond probiotics.

Raw Beets Boost Heart Health

For example, raw beets have been shown to lower blood pressure by an average of 4 to 5 points in a matter of hours.1This effect is due to the naturally-occurring nitrates in beets, which are converted into nitric oxide in your body.2

Nitric oxide, in turn, helps to relax and dilate your blood vessels, improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure. In fact, medicinally, nitrates are used to treat angina and congestive heart failure, and research shows a glass of beetroot juice has the same effect as prescription nitrates.3

Competitive athletes also use beet juice for its nitric oxide-boosting benefits. Research shows raw beets may boost stamina during exercise by as much as 16 percent,4 an effect attributed to increased nitric oxide.

In another study,5 nine patients diagnosed with heart failure who experienced loss of muscle strength and reduced ability to exercise were found to benefit from beet juice.

The patients were given 140 milliliters (mL) — about two-thirds of a cup — of concentrated beet juice, followed by testing, which found an almost instantaneous increase in their muscle capacity by an average of 13 percent.

One important caveat: Avoid using mouthwashes or chewing gum, as this prevents the nitric oxide conversion from occurring.6 The reason for this is because the nitrate is converted into nitrite in your saliva by friendly bacteria. That nitrite is then converted into nitric oxide in other places of your body.

Naturally-occurring betaine in beets also helps reduce inflammation and protect against environmental stressors that can play a role in heart disease.

Beets Have Powerful Immune-Boosting and Anti-Cancer Properties

The phytonutrients that give beets their deep crimson color also have powerful anti-cancer properties. Research has shown that beetroot extract reduced multi-organ tumor formations in various animal models when administered in drinking water.

Beetroot extract is also being studied for use in treating human pancreatic, breast and prostate cancers.7

In addition, raw beets help boost immune function thanks to high vitamin C, fiber, potassium and manganese, while the betalin pigments and sulfur-containing amino acids in beets support your body’s Phase 2 detoxification process. Traditionally, beets have been valued for their ability to purify your blood and liver.

High in the B vitamin folate, beets may also lower your stroke risk and are an excellent food for pregnant women. Folate is essential for many bodily processes, and lack of folate during pregnancy raises the risk of birth defects. The blood-cleansing properties of beet kvass may also help alleviate morning sickness.

Why Ferment Your Beets?

Fermenting your beets rather than eating them raw gives you all the health-boosting benefits of raw beets — which are made even more bioavailable through fermentation — plus the beneficial bacteria and enzymes that result from fermentation.

Besides pickled beets8 and beet-infused sauerkraut,9fermented beet juice, known as beet kvass,10,11,12 is rising in popularity in the West.

Beet kvass has a long tradition of use in Russia, Ukraine and other eastern European countries, where it’s consumed therapeutically as a general health tonic. It’s also commonly added to soups, sauces and vinaigrettes.

Traditionally, beet kvass has been used to boost immune function, cleanse blood, combat fatigue and treat kidney stones, chemical sensitivities, allergies and digestive problems. Anecdotal reports suggest beet kvass may even improve the appearance of age spots, thicken hair and minimize graying of hair.

Recent animal research confirms the gastrointestinal benefits of lactofermented beetroot juice, showing it helps improve gut microbiota and metabolic activity.13

Because of its detoxifying properties, avoid drinking too much when first starting out. Doing so could result in an overload of released toxins, producing bloating, constipation and/or cold or flu symptoms.

As a general recommendation, start out with 1 ounce per day, gradually increasing the amount to an 8-ounce glass per day. If you’re highly toxic, you may need to start out with as little as a tablespoon.

Simple Beet Kvass Recipe

A number of beet kvass recipes can be found online. Here’s one from BeetsandBones.com:14

Ingredient list:

2 large raw organic beets, cut into 1-inch cubes. Do not grate them, as this will release too much sugar.

You do not need to peel the beets if they’re organic, unless you really want to, as the skin contains many bacteria that drive the fermentation. If using conventionally-grown beets, peeling may be advisable to avoid pesticide residues

3 tablespoons of sauerkraut juice or pickle juice

Filtered water, spring water or distilled water, freshly squeezed beet juice, or a combination of beet juice and pure water.

Tap water tainted by chlorine or other chemicals will not work, as the chemicals will prevent fermentation and cause rotting instead. If using tap water, be sure to boil it first and let it cool before using

Optional: 1/2 teaspoon of natural unrefined salt, such as sea salt, or my personal favorite, Himalayan salt. The salt helps prevent bad bacteria from forming, but too much will make the drink unpalatable

Place the beets in a large-mouth mason jar, filing the jar about one-third of the way. Add sauerkraut or pickle juice, salt and water/beet juice, leaving 2 inches of space between the top of the liquid and the lid. Cover tightly and shake well to dissolve the salt.

Keep at room temperature for three to five days. In winter months, the fermentation process may take up to seven days due to colder room temperatures. Keep the lid tightly closed, but remember to release pressure daily.

If froth, scum or mold develops, simply skim it off the top with a spoon. Do a daily taste test, and when the kvass has developed a pleasing taste, place it in the refrigerator to stop the fermenting process. Fizzy bubbles rising to the top is a sign that it’s ready.

Other Suggestions and Recommendations

If you like, you can separate the kvass from the beets by straining the liquid into a clean jar. As for storage, research shows that when refrigerated, lacto-fermented beet kvass retains its antioxidant powers for as long as 30 days.15

Naturally, the beets can be consumed as well, or you can reuse them to start another batch of kvass.

The beets also make an excellent addition to traditional borscht soup (beet soup) while the kvass can be used to pickle hard boiled eggs. Some beet kvass recipes call for whey to be used,16 but it’s not really necessary and adds more steps and time to the process.

Flavors can also be added,17,18 such as raisins, strawberries, fresh-squeezed orange juice, apple, carrots, lavender, fresh or dried mint leaves, cinnamon or ginger.

Opt for Organic or Heirloom Beets and Eat the Greens, Too

Whether you’re juicing your beets, eating them raw or fermenting them, I strongly recommend buying organic beets. As with many other crops, most of the sugar beets grown in the U.S. are now genetically engineered (GE). While table beets are not currently GE, they’re often grown in close proximity to sugar beets, and cross-pollination is known to occur. So, when choosing beets to eat, opt for organic varieties whenever possible to avoid potential GE contamination.

You can also buy your own heirloom beet seeds, because beets are easy to grow. The many nutrients and real health advantages they offer are worth it. Besides the beetroots, beet greens offer a plethora of vitamins and minerals, too. They’re a great source of fiber — 17 percent of your daily requirements in just one cup — as well as vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese and antioxidants.

The high amount of vitamin K in beet greens contains blood-clotting properties, fights aging, supports your DNA, helps ward off osteoporosis, works with calcium to boost bone strength, and may also play a role in fighting Alzheimer’s disease. Beet greens contain more iron than spinach and a higher nutritional value than the vegetable itself. Besides using young beet greens in salads or sautéing, juicing beet greens is another excellent way to obtain all these nutrients.

Raw Beets and Beet Kvass May Benefit What Ails You

As you can see, beets have a wide range of health benefits. If you struggle with high blood pressure or heart failure, you may want to experiment with raw beet juice or beet kvass and see how it impacts you. If you notice improvements in your blood pressure or stamina after drinking the juice, it may be a good fit.

If you have diabetes or are insulin resistant, carefully monitor how raw beet juice affects your overall health, and factor that in to how often you choose to consume it. Typically, moderation is best.

Using beet kvass would appear to be a far better option, as much of the sugar is eliminated in the fermentation process. By supplying beneficial bacteria, the drink can also have a beneficial impact on diabetes and a whole host of other health problems, especially ailments rooted in gut dysfunction, and that list is a rather long one since it’s difficult to be optimally healthy if your gut microbiome is unhealthy.

[+] Sources and References