Polling Stations (Penticton)

There are several videos here on voting machine election fraud including congressional hearings on the subject. I believe these are the same machines used in Penticton: However I have sent an FOI request to City Hall asking for the make and model of Penticton’s municipal voting machines.

Please take my email off the top of this email and forward it to everyone you know that lives in Penticton and has an email address. Ask them to forward this to everyone on their email list.

You need a half to an hour to watch these videos.

We have to have manual counting in the next municipal election with adequate scrutineering done by professionals. Professionals being the scrutineers that regularly scrutineer in federal and provincial elections. We also need municipal elections brought under the umbrella of the elections act wherein paid elections staff manually count the ballots to ensure the people’s wishes are respected.


4 video’s below please view and share this post so we can keep our elections honest in Penticton 

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