Trio liquor licence for Skaha Park is under question

December 23, 2016.

Province of British Columbia

PO Box 9292 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, B.C.
V8W 9J8

Liquor Control and Licensing Branch

Attention: Heather Stewart
Manager of Licensing Administration

RE: Trio Marine Group Inc.
Job No. 25275917-1

Dear Ms. Stewart;

Since early May 2016, this file has been going back and forth between many Governmental Departments as well as City of Penticton and Trio Marine Group Inc. Now I believe, a final outcome has been arrived at, with the issuing of some type of documentation from Kamloops Land Division of the BC Government, that being a “ Consent to SubLicence of Tenure” dated December 6, 2016, in regards to Land Act Licence No. 342689.

So, it is my opinion, with this December 6, 2016, being the signed effective date, that Trio Marine Group Inc. illegally sold liquor on Province of British Columbia Lands from the around the middle of June 2015 until December 5, 2016, as per the documents I have already sent your office.

With all these combined documents, it is reasonable that this specific Liquor Licence be immediately revoked and no future Liquor Licences be issued to this Corporation or their Directors.

We do not want to make this an election issue in Penticton area but our files show that City of Penticton and Province of British Columbia has shown favoritism towards this Corporation, since this Liquor Application was submitted.

We will date our file for review within ten business days before commencing Legal action to bring this file to a close.

Yours truly;

Nelson Meikle
2929 Coleman Street
Penticton, B.C. V2A 7C9
Fax: 250 492 2782
CC: MLA-Dan Ashton & City of Penticton-Mayor & Council