BUNDY, the True Story — Official

Published on 10 Dec 2016

This is the real story the courts will not let you hear, narrated entirely from inside a jail. All 3 parts HD. Narrated by Ammon Bundy. Produced by Gavin Seim. This was produced at my own expense; to support costs please donate: http://callmegav.com/donate. You can support the Bundy family at: http://paypal.me/carolbundy or http://paypal.me/lbundy.

Clips were provided by Seim and the Bundy Family, goverment records, donated by makers or used under the fair use act, 17 U.S. Code § 107. Please share and tell the world this true story.

This video may be reproduced for non commercial purposes providing credit is given to the maker.

Can Penticton residents TRUST City of Penticton Mayor and Council

Letter to Editor

Can Penticton residents TRUST City of Penticton Mayor and Council to perform their elected duties completely and I say NO.

At 3 PM on December 23, 2016, I received from Corporate Officer, a signed and dated copy of the last 4 “ Agreements” and after a quick review, I noticed on the bottom of the 1st page an error. They forgot to fill in the date of the “Termination Agreement” they are referring to. Poor sloppy work, by I hope not by high paid lawyers.

Then, the “ Revised Enhanced Marina Development Agreement, November 21, 2016,” presented to the Penticton residents on November 23, 2016, shows changes we are not aware of.

Item 8.2-Updated Plans and Statements, have been changed from January 15, 2017 to March 15, 2017, without any of the Penticton public being made aware including myself and most likely all Council members. This covers important Parts of this “ Agreement “, as it covers [a] an updated 5 year Marking Plan; [b] an updated 5 year Operating Plan’ and [c] an updated 5 year Revenue and Expense statement done on January 1 to December 31 time basis.

Very important changes and will the dates be changed in the future.