4 Agreements on Penticton Skaha Park

On December 23/16, I was advised that the 4 signed and dated copies were ready for pickup from the front desk at City Hall by Dana Schmidt, Corporate Officer.  Penticton residents that attended Council meeting on December 20/16 heard Mitch M. state to me in “Question Period” portion [9.8] that there were 4 “Agreements”, however when I review the documents I received, 1- Settlement Agreement 12/22/16   2-Skaha Marina-Enhanced Development Agreement 12/22/16    3- Licence to Use [City Lands ONLY] Council Approved 9/28/15 which covers 2016 only    4-Sub-License of Occupation 1/1/16 [Province Lands] unsigned.
I am not sure where these incorrect documents are going to end up, but I intend to wait until Jan 2017, before responding to COP in this regards, as the time frames on # 3, # 4 will have expired for sure, as they are both dated to cover 2015, 2016.
I find it hard to believe that COP cannot give the Penticton Citizens the correct documentation even after they admit in Public forum that there are 4 specific documents.
I am looking forward  to 2017 to keep a tight grip on COP, Staff, Mayor and Council.
Happy New Year to all and thanks for your support and I intend to keep the pedal to the metal in 2017, 2018.


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