BREAKING: Independent Media At Risk of Government Censorship As NDAA Is Passed During The Holidays

Published on 29 Dec 2016

Josh Sigurdson breaks down the recently re-signed National Defense Authorization Act after Obama quietly passed the 2016 revision while everyone was distracted with the holidays.
Not only does the new version of the NDAA continue the allowance of warrantless arrests, surveillance and imprisonment of people without due process but it also contains a neatly hidden house resolution (HR. 5181) which may mean a full fledged ministry of truth within the U.S. government.
Also known as the “Countering Information Warfare Act of 2016” (S.2692), the act was in the making long before this so-called “fake news” narrative hit the headlines, though it clearly cites “fake news” as the reasoning behind the act alongside so-called Russian propaganda. (more below video)

While Donald Trump may seem anti-establishment in many ways, he’s certainly very militaristic and is unlikely to overturn the NDAA, so despite this media censorship act hurting him and his presidency, it will most likely stay in place throughout his term(s).
When the government wants the ability to control information, we have tyranny.
The government of course has controlled the narrative within the mainstream media for many decades, but this gives them far more leeway than they’ve had in the past except for perhaps ‘Operation Mockingbird’.
This is an organized attack on independent media and continues to through doublespeak propaganda at those attempting to bring the truth to the populace, simply painting them all as Russian propaganda and “fake news”.
There’s a reason why only 6% of people trust the mainstream media. The mainstream media is getting desperate and so are their masters, the globalist establishment.

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