Dear Editor- Penticton Mayor said he wanted a new Official Community Plan (OCP)

Dear Editor
At Jan. 10  council meeting  the Penticton Mayor said he wanted a new Official Community Plan (OCP), as a backbone,stick-to-it document, so council meetings wouldn’t use  so much time on planning issues.
Now there’s a red flag.
Reminds me of the idea  council  suggested  that  media’s  questions be submitted, not at the public council meetings, but  in private  writings to council, to save time.The public would never hear those questions.
Is council saying, they are not having development plans presented at council meetings?How are we to know just what is being built? If your area is re zoned, how will you know?Are you going to read the entire OCP?
Will the OCP make it easier to develop public land, get rid of public buildings, like the Art Gallery, or reconfigure roads, all without public consent? Will it be used to excuse unwanted development?  How can we “watch dog”  that?
What will this town end up looking like?
The present OCP  projected 45 thousand  people and 34 thousand showed up.  So just where is the problem? The problem is not over crowding.There is an OCP and it is ignored by this council.If it’s convenient for council, the new OCP will be ignored too.
Inventory and prioritize problems with  the infrastructure, then fix it.The workers from each department know what needs fixing. Add the leaking pool roof to that list.Spend taxpayers money to fix what’s broken.
The speeches have started calling  for engagement  on roads,parks, affordable housing and a tree canopy. Let’s  hope this is handled  with a better set of ethics  than the  past , so called,engagement processes.
The bad taste still lingers within  the collective memory.
Lynn Crassweller

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