Monday, March 6th, 2017-Penticton Parks and Recreation Committee meeting at 2:00pm at City Hall-on the agenda ‘Commercialisation’ of our Parks.


Penticton Citizens First believe in “Truth, Transparency, Proof and Accountability ” and as such want to keep you informed on an ongoing basis.

We have been working on your behalf in developing an email list and a website since Xmas.

Late December 23, 2016, I was able to receive a “signed and dated copy” of 3 of the 4 “City and Trio Agreements” that was Approved by Mayor and Council on December 1, 2016, under Resolution No. 519/2016. City would not provide me with a copy of the “Termination Agreement”, No. 4.

However, upon review of these 3 Agreements, I discovered mistakes on page 1 forward. Changes have been made to these Agreements. These changes have not been legally approved by Council. Upon conversations with certain citizens, I knew that Penticton Herald was filing an Freedom of Information Request on the “ Termination Agreement” but that took about 45 days. I want to thank the Penticton Herald for sharing this Agreement with me and it contains “redacted pages”.  I have a plan to get these public information pages, as we move forward, as this is our tax money. I do not believe the $200,000.00 termination figure we were told in November 2016, is the same figure that appears in the “redacted pages”. Some very important dates to remember are March 15, 2017 and May 15, 2017. These are dates that Trio has to firm up commitments.

This Monday, March 6th, 2017 the Parks and Recreation Committee will be meeting at 2:00pm at City Hall and on the agenda is a big ticket item called ‘commercialization’ of our parks.

I was advised by their Victoria lawyer in mid January, that SSPS had discontinued their Kamloops lawsuit and as such would I be doing the same. After receiving a copy of the “redacted pages” about 10 days ago, I notified this lawyer that I will not be discontinuing the Penticton Court Civil Claim.

Until several issues are completely dealt with, to our complete satisfaction, I will not withdraw this lawsuit filed on your behalf.  The Commercialization of Skaha Park must not take place and no Hotel or other types of Commercialization is acceptable to Penticton Citizens.

Nelson Meikle