Meeting of the Minds – Local Dialogue on Global Issues – March 26 Oliver B.C

ego eco

An open & social discussion about Issues that effect us all.


When – 1 to 4 pm

where – Firehall Brewery -6077 Main St, Oliver, BC

Topic for the meeting are (so far):

1-“Food Security and what we can do locally””
Due to rising food costs, producing and sourcing locally will become a necessity. So what can we do to make it so it’s affordable to the locals and profitable to the farmer

2- Implement a quick emergency network between all of the members attending the meeting, for looking after each other during times of crisis.

3-The heavy use of herbicides and pesticides, what we can do to bring that down and at the end of the day eliminate them.

Solutions to discuss
GMO’s, Jobs, Climate Manipulation, and other topics added by attendees
direct farm marketing
seed bank
alternative electricity
barter network
Very important note : This is NOT a bitch fest we can discuss negative issues but the purpose of these meetings is to discuss solutions to the issues

All of the attendees of the meeting can come up with answer/ideas to the above mentioned topics. If anyone has more problems to be discussed that were not mentioned, they can be added to the list. At the meeting’s commencement, we can prioritize and schedule the meeting to allot enough time for each problem.

Look forward to seeing you there.

any questions feel free to contact

Kevin Proteau

Director of Locals Supporting Locals




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