EU Boss Threatens To Break Up United States Following BREXIT – Juncker’s Message To Trump

Published on 1 Apr 2017

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent threat from EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker that he will ensure Ohio and Austin, Texas split from the United States if Donald Trump continues to voice support for Brexit.


Top 10 Ways Universities Rob Taxpayers

Published on 2 Apr 2017

Josh Sigurdson looks at a ten point break down from ‘Open The Books’ on how Universities Bilk the taxpayer.
As Zero Hedge reports, the study proves how dramatic the monetary incentives are for Universities as they indoctrinate undeveloped brains.

1. Ivy League payments and entitlements cost taxpayers $41.59 billion over a six-year period (FY2010-FY2015). This is equivalent to $120,000 in government monies, subsidies, & special tax treatment per undergraduate student, or $6.93 billion per year.