Trio Marine’s liquor licence has been cancelled for the Marina in Skaha Park

Locals Supporting Locals has learnt that it seems Nelson Meikle was correct in the liquor licence obtained by Trio Marine was not valid. Let’s see how Trio and the City respond to this

Kevin Proteau – April 11,2017

After a long, 11- month communication with our Provincial Government, Penticton Citizens First has received confirmation:
Re. Trio Marine Group Inc. Food Primary Liquor Licence #306470)
has been cancelled. (Liquor Control and Licencing Branch)
The “Food Primary Liquor Licence # 306470 that had been issued in early 2015, contained several incorrect declarations by Trio which did not fully comply with all Sections of the Act.
Under Penticton Zoning Bylaw No. 2011-23 and Parks Dedication Bylaw No. 2002-42, a Restaurant is not a “Permitted Use” under Section No. 13.2.1.
Penticton Citizens First will strive to keep “Commercialization ” out of our Penticton Parks in the future by forcing any “Application” to follow all applicable Rules and Laws.
Good Morning Mr. Meikle,
Please see the attached letter for more information.
Carole McHale | Licensing Assistant
Liquor Control & Licensing Branch

liquor-licensing (3)


One thought on “Trio Marine’s liquor licence has been cancelled for the Marina in Skaha Park”

  1. this is good News for so many many thousands of people who love and believe that Parks are for people, not for Profit; that the City has wronged the public, and the COP/Trio Plans are not a good thing for the people.and this must be stopped!


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