Why The Looming Government Shutdown Is Another Big Government Scam!

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Published on 25 Apr 2017

Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen break down the absurdity of the so-called government shutdown. The looming shutdown comes as Republicans and Democrats fight over the ridiculous debt ceiling, Obamacare, the wall and other statist issues.
In this video, we talk about the need to actually end the state. A government shutdown simply consists of big government attempting to annoy people and inconvenience individuals under the guise of “no government.”

In 2013, we saw guards stopping veterans from looking at war memorials by putting police tape around the memorials and putting little 4 foot long fences by the entrance of national parks. It cost more money to pay the guards than it did to just leave the parks open.
On top of this stupidity, the IRS stops refunding people, all while continuing to steal from them.
This is nothing but a sham.
A real government shut down would mean an end to the state, free markets prevailing with the actual vote of the individual’s demand/dollar. Competition would be abundant. Innovation would be vast. The price of living would be cheaper and small businesses compete for the lowest prices and best products while hiring tons of new employees, rather than the state monopolizing industry and forcing the small businesses out of the market.
John Sneisen breaks down the absurdity of the debt ceiling and Josh breaks down the insanity of government in general, and the solutions we can learn from.
Will we see another so-called government shutdown under President Donald Trump? We will have to wait and see. Just know that it’s completely meaningless.

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