Letter to the editor – The counting of votes in Penticton municipal elections

Statistics say that Penticton voters no longer care who runs their city. In 1990 there were 16,657 eligible electors. 48.83% voted. In 1993 42.93% of 17,600 voters voted. No percentage was available for 1996.

Limited stats for 1999 the first year vote tabulating machines were used in Penticton show 17,819 eligible voters. The 9019 votes for the mayor indicate that approximately 49.39% of electors chose to vote the first year of automated counting.

After the established use of vote counting machines elector votes fell sharply never to rise to the above percentages again.

2008: 33.6% of eligible electors voted.

2011: 33.5% of eligible electors voted.

2014: despite record number of 1456 new registrants at the polls only 31.4 % of electors voted.

Before the vote tabulating machines were in regular use in Penticton and during its first use just under 43 to 49% of electors chose to exercise their right to vote. Voter interest in particular election issues could account for the percentage swing. Stats would indicate that there has been no voter interest on any local issues for the past three elections.

In the 2013 provincial election 52.74% of electors in Penticton chose to vote. (2017 stats are not yet available) Why the difference between provincial elections and municipal elections? Why the steep decline in electors choosing to vote between up to and including 1999 the first year of the vote tabulating machines and later elections? What accounts for the steep decline in electors choosing not to vote?

These stats in my opinion are revealing.

Provincial elections have manual controls and many regulations ensuring accurate counting of votes.

Prior to the use of vote counting machines in Penticton votes were counted by hand by many people and this in itself ensured accurate counts.

In the 2014 local election during the advance polling the vote tabulating machine broke down. Those votes had to be run through the vote tabulating machine again by staff. There is no security of the ballet box. That combined with the decline in votes since the regular use of vote tabulating machines leaves too many unanswered questions.

The most important duty of any elected government is to ensure that voters are comfortable that the election system is accurate and their wishes are respected. That is not happening in Penticton and in my opinion has not happened for the past three civic elections.

Elvena Slump



Locals Supporting Locals- Okanagan/West boundary Chapters
Press Release
Re:March Against Monsanto Penticton 2017

Hello All

We at Locals Supporting Locals are very proud to have organized Penticton’s Marches Against Monsanto for the past 4 years. We would like to thank Tami Canal and Brent Hill for all their hard work and our shared commitment to clean, natural foods.

march tractor

Due to recent understandings we will no longer be organising the march. We have decided that we would like to spend our time and resources working towards solutions, not protesting the problem.

A shift is happening.
People are walking up and are aware of the problems we face now more than ever.  Our place in this fight is at a local level. Supporting local community farmers, producers and providers.

ego eco

We have narrowed our focus. Not just promoting a healthy lifestyle, but to continue building a network of like minded people who are committed to action and real change. We have started a group  Meeting of the Minds – Local Dialogue on Global Issues – Okanagan/Boundary) and host monthly meet ups to discuss these solutions. Please feel free to join our Fb group page and attend our Meeting of the Minds.

We want a Natural Okanagan. We have started the web page for it naturalokanagan.ca  but still needs a lot of work so if you have skills you wish to offer to help form this group please contact us.

For those of you who want to participate in this year’s march there is one being held in Kelowna on Saturday. March Against Monsanto Kelowna 11am Parkinson Rec. BEE THERE.

kelowna march

Thank you again for your support!

Kevin Proteau

Creator/founder of Locals Supporting Locals


Whats Really Happening in the Middle East Now and the Next Predictions of what’s to come

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