Letters to the Editor (PH)-Nelson, a champion of the people

We copied a few of the letters from Penticton Herald

Nelson, a champion of the people

Dear Editor:

Nelson Meikle was a true advocate for the people, and for Skaha Lake Park. His determination was to save Skaha Lake Park . All he ever wanted was for City Hall to play by the rules of democracy and transparency.

He gave it his all even as his health deteriorated.

Nelson was one of the first organizers to stop the Trio/City agreement. Later he formed the Penticton Citizens First group.

He filed the second lawsuit against the City on his own, his own funds, asking nothing of supporters but support for the cause. He knew the law, that’s for sure.

That second lawsuit got the attention of city council that residents were not going away. Rallies and protests, Skaha Park is not for sale.

Trio and city council realized residents were determined to save Skaha Park and the new agreement was created saving the greenspace and allowing a new enhanced marina and restaurant.

He promised to be a watchdog on the city, making sure they play by the rules of democracy and transparency.

Nelson Meikle supporters are saddened by his passing so suddenly. He gave it his all. “You do the math,” as he would always say.

Another quote from Nelson: “We must protect all our parks for our children’s/grandchildren’s future.”

Isn’t that the truth! The show will go on.

It isn’t over!

Lou Sloboda


Small stature, great spirit

Dear Editor:

It was a great honour for me to have known and worked with Nelson Meikle, this little-in-stature, but great-in-spirit man! He lived and worked by the motto: truth, transparency and proof. He was unlike any other person I have ever personally met, dedicated to making this community a better place to live in, with no goals of getting fame or riches for himself.

His vision and work will not be in vain. It is not over!

Hannah Hyland


The perfect definition

Dear Editor:

In the past two years, citizens of this community have been defending the “right to keep Skaha Park” as it is through letters to the editor, correspondence with City Hall, rallies, etc.. Two major groups of people are both defending the right to keep our park free of commercialization.

In the meantime, City Hall, mayor and council are wondering why all their hired professionals, and communications people have not been successful in making way for the “commercialization” of our beautiful park land.

Over a year ago, a committee was selected and hand-picked by Penticton mayor and council (no special interest people allowed) to study, and come up with an idea for parks. Thus, the City of Penticton Parks and Recreation Master Planning Committee was formed.

On Nov. 15, 2016, that same committee meeting came up with the perfect definition: “A Public Park is an unencumbered tract of land wherein the land title is held by a a public entity for the benefit, use and enjoyment of the people and for the protection, conservation, preservation of the natural, physical, historical and cultural resources thereon.”

This motion was moved and seconded and carried unanimously at their Nov. 15 meeting.

Would it be possible for the citizens of Penticton to chip in for hearing aids for all members of Penticton city council?

Our concerns are falling on deaf ears!

Helen Trevors



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