Stop any commercialization of Skaha Lake Park

The city of Penticton has applied for a permit to develop our waterfront at Skaha Lake.
I join with the many people of Penticton who are against any commercializing of our precious parkland in this case… Skaha Lake Park.
If along with the Trio group, Penticton council  were to develop Skaha Lake Park to encourage commerce, many of the following violations would be a breach of the laws of this province:
1. Violation of the “raparian area of Skaha Lake”
2.Violation of the fisheries act
3.Violation of Sara…species at risk
4 Interference with migratory birds at the east end of the lake
5. Interference with fresh water supplies.
My reason for writing today, is ask you to  help stop any commercialization of Skaha Lake Park. This park is for the enjoyment of the people of Penticton who have paid for its development and who desire
to leave it as is for the pleasure and relaxation of families,of our tourist guests and for all who walk there every day to enjoy its beauty.
Thank you for your consideration and help,
Yours sincerely,
Marguerite L. Mayner

Dear Editor

On November 16, 2002, a Penticton City Council election was held. On the same day,  the electorate voted overwhelmingly in favor of the following referendum: “Do you approve of the City of Penticton Council adopting Bylaw 2002-42 which would dedicate the following parcels of city owned land as public park land. It is followed by the naming of 12 parks including Skaha.

On November 18th (2 days after the referendum was approved by the electorate the following amendment was presented to council for their approval. “Council may from time to time lease or license all or part of the public parkland for uses related to or ancillary to the uses specified therein.”

This was passed by the 6 members of outgoing council and signed by Mayor Pearce.

This amendment should never have been passed after a referendum which clearly stated the conditions. Council did not have the approval for this action which muddied the waters for future staff and council that had no personal knowledge of the issue in 2002.

All of council and the mayor were fully cognizant at the time what the intent was of the referendum. Subsequent changes in city staff and changes on council including young people that had no knowledge of the history of this bylaw forced changes that the people did not want. This resulted in the ongoing dispute that the people of Penticton have with their council today.
I recently received an email from a former councillor defending this as “an administrative error” Ninety-two percent of the Citizens of this community wanted parks to remain public.
What was the intent of the Referendum in the first place? (a referendum
paid by the taxpayers)
Should the taxpayers now have to sue to get their rights respected or is council responsible for the mess we are in today?
> We need answers.
> Helen Trevors


I am willing to chain myself to the kiddies park for as long as it
takes to take notice
Maybe be on National to gain national awareness even international awareness
with regards the beautiful Skaha Park for future generations.If I were or had been cognizant of anything to do with the Skaha travesty
I would hang my head in shame.
i will pray for their souls.
Very Sincerely
Maria A. Mason


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