Residents for Health Care Rally-This Friday(June23) in Gyro Park (Osoyoos)

Hello everyone !

This will be a peaceful rally stating  that we, Residents for Health Care , deserve answers and ACTION !
” we are working on it ” Is no longer acceptable ! YES it takes time…We need to be joining forces to find SOLUTIONS NOW
ALL levels of government across this province should be concerned and should be actively recruiting doctors, hiring recruitment and retention specialists !
Everyone deserves accessible and timely care for their individual needs.
Please pass on to your friends,family and colleagues.

Here’s something you may wish to use this week given it’s importance:

Residents for Health care are continuing to work on behalf of those affected by the shortage of Doctors here in the South Okanagan.   We fully support, respect and endorse all our Osoyoos/Oliver medical teams and have met with Osoyoos Council to broach this issue, deliver our Petition and seek remedy.   A follow-up visit to the Mayor’s office disclosed that Osoyoos Council feels that a study is required to further examine the matter.

In the interim, the continued threat of ER closures in Oliver has left citizenry in both that city and Osoyoos in distress.  The shortage of Doctors to cover the ER is not only yet another blow to those struggling without an MD, but is starting to become a regular occurrence as we begin to welcome our summer tourists.  The population of Osoyoos alone swells dramatically during this time of year and closures of the ER will most assuredly impact the local economy as tourists choose other areas where they know both medical and emergency care is accessible and available.

Interior Health is not solving this problem in a timely fashion.   As such, Residents for Healthcare feel that this matter must be broached at a peaceable rally to raise awareness and discuss impact of the unacceptable ER closures.  We seek public opinion and input from stakeholders.

We will rally at Gyro Park bandshell,  Osoyoos – Friday, June 23/2017 at 2:00pm to voice our concerns.   We ask EVERYONE impacted by these closures to join us for peaceful and urgent discussion.  Bring posters and signs.

Many thanks

Marilyn Mulldoon, Brenda Dorosz, Gaye Horn – Executives

Residents for Healthcare

Brenda Dorosz :-)

LSL- Bench re dedication and celebration at Okanagan Lake Park.

Published on 18 Jun 2017

Locals Supporting Locals – The Heartbeat of the Okanagan media – Raw and unedited

“June 17 was a day to commemorate and celebrate the work of citizens who called themselves POP (for Protect our Parkland) advocated to protect a part of Okanagan Lake Park from commercial development.
They were joined by present day advocates, the Save Skaha Park Society and the Penticton Cares group.”
Someone from each of these groups, as well as former Mayor Dave Perry expressed appreciation and other comments.


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LSL- Big Jay Concrete (Penticton) Sponsors of the 2018 Locals Calendar

Published on 18 Jun 2017

Locals Supporting Locals 2018 5th Annual Calendar sponsors. We are featuring our local businesses that participate in our 5th annual calendar not only through our calendar but as well through video commercials so you can see who they are ,what they do and how to find them. Please contact us if you wish to sponsor our 2018 calendar and subscribe to our YouTube Channel
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