Crimes Of The Educators – Why You Should Unschool Your Child (with Alex Newman)

Josh Sigurdson sits down with author and journalist Alex Newman to talk about his book “Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children” which Newman co-wrote with Samuel Blumenfeld.
The blow-back of public schooling is on full display today as children grow into subservient, needy “adults”, desperately demanding success instead of looking for success. A population of lazy lemmings bent on using the state’s extortion apparatus in order to obtain wealth. The double-speak is Orwellian as their selfish greedy is called “fair” and the notion of working for success and trading goods for services is considered “greed”.

How Individualism & Self Sustainability Will Save The World with Joel Salatin

Josh Sigurdson sits down with infamous farmer and author Joel Salatin to talk about the importance of self sustainability in a time where farmers are few and consumers are more abundant than ever.
As the public school system teaches kids to be dependent and the global establishment attempts to force people into city living, the very human, very imperative ability for one to be self responsible and self sufficient is a dying cause.
Joel Salatin breaks down the importance of farming and free market demand. He also breaks down the mixture of Christianity and individualism following the Pope’s comments regarding individualism.
Joel also digs into the libertarian approach to Monsanto as most of the anti-Monsanto community calls for banning of GMOs and glyphosate as well as the labeling of GMOs.
The government helped prop up Monsanto in the first place and the notion of government fixing the problems of government only forms a perpetual circle. The solution comes from free market demand, free of government regulatory monopolization.

Joel then goes into the ability to strive for success instead of waiting apathetically for it as far too many young people today ask why they can’t be successful instead of what can they do to be successful.