G. Edward Griffin on The Red Pill Expo & The Launch Of The Red Pill University!

Published on 5 Jul 2017

Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen sit down with G. Edward Griffin in Bozeman, Montana the day after the Red Pill Expo came to a close to talk about how the event went, the incredible connections made, the media reception and the future of The Red Pill Expo as G. Edward Griffin launches The Red Pill University!
With speakers including G. Edward Griffin himself, alongside Robert Kiyosaki, Lord Monckton, Joel Salatin, Richard Gage, Patrick Wood, Jeff Berwick, Alex Newman, Dan Johnson, Dan Happel, Millie Weaver, Russel Gray, Edward Goodliffe, Jerry Day, Debbie Bacigalupi, Anthem Blanchard, Holly Swanson, John B. Wells, Mike Adams, Ty Bollinger, Cynthia McKinney, James Corbett, Jon Rappoport, Sherry Peel Jackson and the list goes on.
The most important part of this story is not what happened at the Red Pill Expo, but what happens once people leave the doors of the Bozeman Commons and go home. What people will continue to strive to do once in their locale. That’s what The Red Pill University is all about and that’s why the continued networking is so important.
The organized effort is rare in the liberty movement. It’s rare in the health movement. It’s rare when it comes to red pills in general.

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