Spraying of Glyphosate over our B.C Forests (video)

Spraying of Glyphosate over our B.C Forests (video)VIDEO BELOW –
Published on 11 Jul 2017

Spraying of Glyphosate over our B.C Forests

I got a question from Kevin Proteau of BC, in relation to spraying of glyphosate over forests. I decided to tell my story directly into a Camera, for record.

This talk excludes another item, where I might single handedly forced an aspiring politician, and ex logging corporation executive that had involvement over decades of spraying glyphosate over BC forests, from standing in federal election from Vernon BC on the Green Platform, by creating stink on his background and publicly asking him to disclose his past activity with regard to spraying glyphosate, and what he would do about it should he got elected.

The resultant noise and negative publicity eventually forced him to step down and withdraw his candidacy, to be replaced by a better candidate.

If a thousand Canadians can likewise force a thousand glyphosate peddling rogues off our ballot, Canada will have gone a long way in solving our problems.

That incidence is not covered in the video.