Why The Libertarian Movement Is Such A Sausage Fest (with Julie Borowski)

Published on 27 Jul 2017

Josh Sigurdson talks with hilarious YouTube libertarian Julie Borowski about free markets, the 15 dollar an hour minimum wage and why the libertarian movement is such a sausage fest.
Julie breaks down her views on the forced minimum wage hike, how it affects businesses, employees and market and her thought process in bringing people to understand simple market principles with humor.
Julie then goes into how women who are libertarians are treated by women of the regressive left.
There are massive double standards. Call out Hillary Clinton and you’re sexist. Violently attack a woman like Ann Coulter for speaking on a campus and you’re exercizing “free speech”.

Another unfortunate reality is that there is a massive shortage of women in the liberty movement. When we go to conventions, the demographics are about 80% men. Julie explained that there are actually a lot more women in the liberty movement than there appears to be and this is much to do with the hesitance of women to take part in events especially due to the assumption by many of the men that they’re looking for partners. This is especially awkward due to the ratio of men to women.

We need to bring more women into this movement and not creep them out! Now this isn’t to say that this is only happening in the liberty movement. In most political movements outside of feminist marches, the vast majority of attendees or those who take part in said movements are men. This could also be due to a psychological aspect as well, but it’s hard to collectively discern. All the same, it is a problem that needs to be solved.

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