Trudeau To Give Clinton’s $20 Million To Advance Gender Equality

Published on 12 Jul 2017

The newly created Feminist International Assistance Policy along with hundreds of millions of Canadian tax payer dollars are seeking to advance gender equality and to promote equal rights for women and girls as “the most effective way to reduce poverty.” In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth exposes how this is actually a front that acts as a money making machine which promotes and carries out a eugenics program on a global scale.

Norway Implements Voluntary Tax & Brings In Just $1,325 – THIS Is Why

Published on 12 Jul 2017

Josh Sigurdson sits down with author and economic analyst John Sneisen to talk about a recent hilarious development out of Norway. Despite Norway being one of the most taxed nations in the world, the government implemented a voluntary tax in case citizens want to pay more to the government. The tax brought in just $1,325.
While voluntary pools or “taxation” can be an excellent idea when there are no mandatory taxes, a voluntary tax on top of out of control state extortion is nothing less than insane!
John Sneisen who is Norwegian breaks down the facts and translates some local Norwegian articles to provide further context which no one else is talking about.
Norway’s centrally planned, manipulated, indebted system is destructive and needs to be called out. With taxes on assets, toll roads, attempts to tax trucks off the road, the destruction of small businesses and UN protocols running rampant, Norway is quickly headed the way of all dramatically socialist societies, a massive crash.

Mariah Mazza-Health and wellness tips-Local solutions


Mariah is Passionate in health, detox & nutrition… guiding individuals to “heal thy self” .. through diet…

🌿invasive species or invasive plant life exists as a symptom within our environment of poor human behaviour … we need to address the root cause, not attack & spray chemicals on the invasive… that just adds to the issue….plant some native plants back into the area, observe & heal the environment….

☀️our outside world is a direct reflection of our inner world… we love to attack & blame the symptoms for our pain which do not cause the issue…for example, individuals are trying to kill the bacteria or the parasites within their bodies… that bacteria is there to help you clean up the acidic waste… it is the only thing helping you & is there due to your wrong food choices….you alone created that acidic environment for the bacteria or parasites to thrive…don’t focus on killing the bacteria for they will slowly die off when you clean up your inner terrain, when you begin to make better choices…

🍎address the root cause, everything else will then balance itself out…this is why the medical profession is failing… they named each symptom that humans experience a different disease name…. they then have different treatments & chemical drugs (which exasperate the issue) to attack & suppress each symptom which stem from the same root cause (wrong foods)…

⭐️now that is the definition of insanity… keep attacking & radiating cancer for example, expecting different results… cancer is nothing more than damaged, mutated cells from systemic acidosis… that person is acidic from head to toe from a lifetime of wrong foods…(chemical drugs & vaccines)…the kidneys are damaged & do not filter, the waste cannot escape, your body is on fire internally & to add more acids into the mix (chemo) is the definition of insane….

🍒the way humans live & treat one another is a direct reflection of our inner health… we torture & murder innocent animal life to feed on, while not realizing that dead animal flesh is slowly poisoning our body…

🍊this is why it is imperative that each & everyone of use take responsibility to get healthy, to stop this insanity… it sounds like a long stretch but I can assure you it is not… everything outside is a reflection of humanity’s inner state of health… as above, so below…

🍉You want to change this world for the better? Start with your diet…


Spraying of Glyphosate over our B.C Forests (video)

Spraying of Glyphosate over our B.C Forests (video)VIDEO BELOW –
Published on 11 Jul 2017

Spraying of Glyphosate over our B.C Forests

I got a question from Kevin Proteau of BC, in relation to spraying of glyphosate over forests. I decided to tell my story directly into a Camera, for record.

This talk excludes another item, where I might single handedly forced an aspiring politician, and ex logging corporation executive that had involvement over decades of spraying glyphosate over BC forests, from standing in federal election from Vernon BC on the Green Platform, by creating stink on his background and publicly asking him to disclose his past activity with regard to spraying glyphosate, and what he would do about it should he got elected.

The resultant noise and negative publicity eventually forced him to step down and withdraw his candidacy, to be replaced by a better candidate.

If a thousand Canadians can likewise force a thousand glyphosate peddling rogues off our ballot, Canada will have gone a long way in solving our problems.

That incidence is not covered in the video.