You Have No Rights Under The NDAA! – How You Can Abolish This Orwellian Act (with Dan Johnson)

Josh Sigurdson sits down with Dan Johnson, a man who founded the organization “PANDA” at the age of 18 in defiance of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. PANDA is ‘People Against The National Defense Authorization Act’ which strives to educate people on the startling defense provisions of an act which can label people a ‘T’ word (we can’t say the word on YouTube without being demonetized instantly) if they question the government, oppose certain actions of the state or are even associated with those who oppose the state’s actions vocally.
This can result in warrantless arrests, imprisonment, detention and even droning!
In the most recent case, the NDAA has added to its provisions a fake news provision which can attack independent medias questioning the state’s action and collectively call them “fake news!”
PANDA provides documentation that you can send to your representatives which can help in outlawing the NDAA’s unconstitutional provisions where you live!
Dan Johnson breaks down the issues well. Why he went from being a good obedient young Republican to an activist opposing an act supported by both the Republicans and the Democrats.
Dan goes into the specifics of the act and why people should be concerned!

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