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Vancouver Bankruptcies Are SOARING As Interest Rates Are Hiked!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the soaring bankruptcies in Vancouver which are up 17.94% since last year. According to Business Insider, “The OSB received 184 bankruptcy filings in June 2017, a 17.94% increase from the same month last last year. Total assets in these filings add up to $5.09 million, vs $17.32 million in outstanding liabilities.” Total insolvencies are up 2.43% as well.

(CFIA) found the highest amount of glyphosate (Monsanto’s Roundup) in foods most people might never suspect as problematic


A recent study by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) found the highest amount of glyphosate (Monsanto’s Roundup) in foods most people might never suspect as problematic. Worse than that, the study found that nearly one-third of all foods tested now contain glyphosate.

The CFIA, a Canadian federal government agency, tested 3188 foods over the previous two years and recently released their findings, which include:

Fresh fruits and vegetables 7.3 percent

Processed fruits and vegetables 12.1 percent

Grain products 36.6 percent

Juice and other beverages 16.3 percent

Bean/pea/lentil products 47.4 percent

Soy products 11 percent

Infant cereal 31.7 percent

Other infant food 30.7 percent

Overall, 29.7 percent of the thousands of foods tested contained glyphosate. While the government agency indicates that 3.9 percent of grain products and 1.3 percent of overall foods exceed maximum residue limits (MRLs) set by the government, these MRLs have never been scientifically determined or tested. I have read many studies and reports on glyphosate and have never seen a single study that shows that there is actually a safe amount of glyphosate to ingest, so the MRLs used in the study are truly a moot point. It is far more significant that almost a third of the food supply tested in the study contained glyphosate. That’s alarming and unacceptable.

Here are the top 10 foods to buy organic to avoid eating Monsanto’s Roundup:

Buckwheat Products 100 percent tested positive for glyphosate, with an average of 118 parts per billion (ppb)

Pizza Products 97 percent tested positive for glyphosate, with an average of 152 ppb

Chickpea Products 94 percent tested positive, with an average of 668 ppb

Bean Flour 91 percent tested positive, with an average of 1359 ppb

Oats 83 percent tested positive, with an average of 509 ppb

Millet products 82 percent tested positive, with an average of 69 ppb

Flour (other than those already indicated) 81 percent tested positive, with an average of 116 ppb

Soy Flour 73 percent tested positive, with an average of 534 ppb

Lentil Products 68 percent tested positive for glyphosate, with an average of 272 ppb

Pea Products 50 percent tested positive for glyphosate, with an average of 283 ppb

It’s also alarming and unacceptable that nearly one-third of all the infant foods tested contained glyphosate residues. Obviously, there are many possible factors for the skyrocketing rates of cancers, including childhood cancers, but I can’t help but wonder how many children’s cancers or deaths could have been stopped if we simply stopped feeding them food with residues of cancer-causing pesticides.

 Erin Brockovich

The iPhone X Exposed – Biometric Identification Is Just The Beginning…

The iPhone X will soon be on the market tracking, tracing and databasing every face it sets it’s bionic eye on.

Facial recognition software has just entered the mainstream as Apple unveils their newest device the iPhone X.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth outlines some of the obvious and not so obvious applications (and violations of privacy) that this new technology can and will bring to society.

Here’s What They DON’T Want You To Know About With The New Cannabis Regulations #LCBO

Legalization is coming to Canada but what price are Canadians willing to pay? For years Press For Truth has been warning about the coming governmental takeover of the cannabis industry in Canada (see our film “The Trudeau Deception) and now the Ontario government has teamed up with the LCBO (Liquor Board of Ontario) and the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) to squash the mom and pop’s who built the industry and to gain a strong hold on their monopoly. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with the president of the Cannabis Growers Of Canada Chad Jackett about what the government has planned for the Canadian people when it comes to “legalizing” cannabis and more importantly what you can do to help with the fight for a free and fair cannabis market. To join the CGC visit:

Canada’s Being TAXED Out Of Existence! – Trudeau Raises Taxes AGAIN!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the massive tax hike just issued to Canadians, mainly small businesses. As 50% of small businesses in Canada don’t make it past the one year mark, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced un-apologetically that taxes will be raised on small businesses in order to “grow” the middle class which of course is the group taking the biggest hit. Trudeau during the election claimed that small businesses were largely just ways for people to hide their taxes.

Other aspects to consider … Once your on the road to health by Mariah – “Heal Thy Self” 


Other aspects to consider …

Once your on the road to health, you may realize that your additionally on the road to self preservation & protection…health is a necessity for survival…

If your not healthy or in the process of getting healthy, you put yourself at a disadvantage…

It sounds absurd, but we cannot deny that the economical happenings around the world are unstable & unpredictable…

If you want to get yourself in the best position possible, healing your body comes with many additional bonuses…

Eventually overtime you will begin to feel satisfied with less food, less variety & may even possess the ability to fast on occasion…

Imagine the grocery stores do not receive their deliveries? Imagine a little chaos & civil unrest suddenly…

When toxic & mucus filled individuals do not eat for awhile,they begin to feel like crap…


Because when the human body gets a break from digesting food, the elimination / detoxification process begins… its uncomfortable, and people begin to feel like they are “starving”…they need to eat food to suppress their toxins from eliminating, it makes them feel “better”…

The average person cannot go very long without food or drink… when death ensues, it’s usually not the lack of food that killed them, it’s the mucus elimination that becomes to great… they die from their encumbrances…they choke on their own filth & wastes within…

There are individuals who have the ability to fast for 40+ days without food & not die… why?

Because their bodies are clean, they are no longer filled with mucus & toxins from wrong foods – when the body is free & clean, it can run on very little if need be…

Now imagine during these tough times, everyone in a poor state of health is scrambling to get the last cans, boxes, or slabs of meat left on the grocery store shelves…

With a clean enough body, you will possess the ability to fast during times of stress… you will have the ability to run on minimal food such as fruits & greens…you will have the ability to take a walk in the forest to forage for greens & berries to sustain yourself – if food is scarce, you will have the ability to fast….

Point being, we live under completely unnatural conditions and it won’t take much for issues to arise within our food supply….

I’m not one for doom & gloom…

I just want to put myself in the best position possible in life, and for that it means to heal my body & get it as clean & healthy as possible.::

By taking your health into your own hands, detoxifying the body & training it to no longer feel the need to ingest toxic, acid forming foods, will have such a tremendous ripple effect, from finding remedy for your health issues, to no longer harming earthly creatures for sustenance, to having a lot less reliance on the system that governs our lives…

eventually, a garden, a few fruit trees & food preservation techniques can sustain you – if need be (like great grandma used to do it)!

We’ve all been mislead, we’ve all done our best with the information we were provided with…

Now that we finally have the correct information, it’s time to take our health back… time to cut out the acid / mucus forming foods (mainly high protein foods)…imo, we are to reliant on a system that does not care about our health….

time to sit back & watch the meat & dairy industry (that’s been lying & keeping people sick)… CRUMBLE!!!

🍎Mariah – “Heal Thy Self”
Healthy Self…

Worry about glyphosate spraying in reservoir is unwarranted, says toxicologist


Moncton residents should be confident that regulations will protect their water, former professor says

By Nathalie Sturgeon, CBC News Posted: Aug 28, 2017 12:30 PM AT Last Updated: Aug 28, 2017 12:30 PM AT

Fears that glyphosate, which the New Brunswick forest industry uses to kill maple, oak and other hardwood growth, might be dangerous to water are unwarranted, says a toxicologist from the University of Guelph.

Len Ritter, a professor emeritus of toxicology, said he has worked with herbicides and chemical residue his entire career.

He said government restrictions designed to protect drinking water from  glyphosate contamination should be reassuring to the public.

“I think we’re all concerned about the quality of water,” Ritter said Monday on Information Morning Moncton.

Spraying near reservoir

Ritter was interviewed after Moncton Mayor Dawn Arnold asked the province to stop spraying  glyphosate near the Turtle Creek reservoir, which provides drinking water to 100,000 residents.

The spraying for J.D. Irving Ltd. is permitted until Sept. 5.

NB Power also uses the spray to kill plant growth along transmission lines.

​Glyphosate was declared “probably carcinogenic to humans” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a branch of the World Health Organization, in 2015.

Used all over

Despite critics’ concerns about the safety of the chemical, its effects on the water supply, and the changes it causes to forests, gysophate is registered in 100 countries.

It is widely used in forestry to kill hardwood growth that might interfere with softwood seedlings, and in agriculture to kill weeds.

Ritter said many of the studies on the effects of herbicides are done by industry, then submitted as part of the regulatory process. There is no reason for the public not to trust the studies because of who sponsored them, he said.

“The likelihood that that’s going to unduly influence the outcome of the particular study, I don’t think is a realistic concern,” he said. “I just don’t think that’s likely to happen.”

Under government restrictions, aerial spraying of herbicides cannot occur within 3.2 kilometres of where a municipal water supply is collected.

The water quality is measured before the spraying and after it’s over to make sure it has not been contaminated, Ritter said.

But Elizabeth May, federal Green Party leader, said spraying the herbicide in a watershed area is outrageous.

“Glyphosate is not a product without health risks for human beings,” she said in an interview with Information Morning Fredericton. “It’s a product that should not be used across Canada.”

Even the buffer zone around the sources of water supply is no assurance against the herbicide drifting with the wind.

“They should be very cautious about applications of glyphosate,” said May, who was in New Brunswick to talk about the environmental issues related to the proposed Energy East pipepline.

“They should be very careful that it is not used in places where people are exposed to the pesticide.”

Long-term, low-dose exposure

Most of  glyphosate uses are agricultural, said Ritter, who has worked with Health Canada and the World Health Organization in the regulation of toxic chemicals in food.

“So we have maximum residue limits, that is, there are registered permissible levels of glyphosate that might appear as residue in foods.”

Ritter said most or the exposure humans would have to the herbicide would be through the food supply.

“Any contribution that would come from water, in the unlikely event that some were to creep into the water, it would still be relatively small compared the amount to which we’re exposed to every day as approved food use,” he said.

In June, Health Canada said it would be re-evaluating the herbicide, but it’s not yet known when the result will be released

With files from Karin Reid LeBlanc

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