LSL- Defend Small Business from New Tax – Information Forum Penticton

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Locals Supporting Locals – The Heartbeat of the Okanagan Media presents- Defend Small Business from New Tax -Penticton Information Forum (3 part videos). Dan Albas hosting a public forum on how this small business tax and how it will devastate almost all small businesses farmers, doctors etc… Hear the concerns of local businesses here in Penticton as well as across Canada Small businesses need to unite and if need be form a nation wide strike if not for a couple of hours then for a full day posting signs on their windows to why they are closed. The People United Can Never be Defeated ! You can join our FB group page – The Meeting of the Minds – Local dialogue on global issues… Subscribe to our YouTube channel –… and our website – Follow Defend Small business Small business is under attack, victims of a federal government who cannot get their excessive spending under control. Learn more at and email your MP using FB group page –