Trudeau Government Spends $13.7 Million On Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Ads

Josh Sigurdson reports on the vast spending the Canadian government does on propaganda including a recent story which shows Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has spent $13.8 million on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ads. As National Post reports, $4.3-million worth of posts were targeted at travellers from specific countries including the U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Canada spent another $1.5 million, with the bulk of that going toward raising public awareness of a new Electronic Travel Authorization requirement for visa-exempt travellers to Canada. The other federal bodies that spent more than half a million dollars are Veterans Affairs Canada at $867,100; Heritage Canada at $829,500; Health Canada at $762,700; Export Development Canada at $608,500; National Defence at $546,300; and Statistics Canada at $503,700. As Josh Sigurdson goes into, this gets a lot more extensive. With billions spent on the CBC state run media platform despite very little demand as well as controlling the narrative of most medias in Canada, propaganda is one of the main arms of the Canadian government in order to get people to blindly eat up all the nonsense they’re being fed. As Trudeau raises taxes on small businesses who already only have a 50% rate of success after the first year, the government has been known to spend vast amounts of money on the Clinton Foundation, a giant rubber duck, countries like Saudi Arabia, luxury cars for the environment minister Catherine McKenna and so much more.

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