How To Pay The Least Taxes in Canada!

Josh Sigurdson talks with lawyer George Balabanian about taxation in Canada and how one can avoid taxes as much as humanly possible. Taxation is by definition theft. It’s the use of stolen funds under a collective “greater good of the greater number” guise in order to fund foreign conflicts, inefficient infrastructure and giant state monopolies. That’s not to mention the amount of tax dollars used to pay off the interest on the debt by the printing of fiat currency.

With carbon taxes, income tax, PST, GST, MST, business taxes, property taxes, eco-taxes and basically every other tax one can assume exists, it’s impossible to truly save up for your future and prosper in your line of work.

Olympics To Implant Microchips In Athletes? – The Race To Global Surveillance

Josh Sigurdson breaks down the most recent technocratic news as Mike Miller, Chief Executive of The World Olympics Association announces he wishes to have microchips (or RFID chips) implanted in Olympic athletes. The type of microchipping he is suggesting actually monitors an athlete’s bloodstream and sends the information to the authorities in charge. The excuse is to expose athletes using performance enhancing drugs.