Allergies are socially acceptable & understood… ???

How do you stick to this way of eating around others?


I have an automatic response for individuals offering unhealthy non – human food at potlucks, parties or restaurants … “oh that looks great, unfortunately i am allergic to wheat, dairy & sugar”!!

Allergies are socially acceptable & understood… people rarely feel offended if allergies are your reason, they feel sorry for you – like you are missing out on something….

(missing out on Disease is more like it) …

Now if you tell them you are not eating these foods by choice, it raises some serious concerns… they often think “eating disorder” or “fanatic” or “protein deficiency “….

This method works great if you have children….avoiding conflict – picking your battles…blending in…

This response is far from dishonest… The truth is that everyone is “allergic” to these foods, it’s just that some individuals react immediately (labelling it allergies) , while others have bodies that store & tuck away the toxic acids & mucus – only to cause serious health issues later on in life…

So, if you are wondering how to politely decline that lasagna or cake at the dinner party, simply say “I’m allergic to wheat, dairy & sugar, but it looks sooo great”…. (I am also a “vegetarian” by choice – which is understandable & commendable)….

Most standard foods contain at least one of these mentioned substances, so most likely they won’t continue inquiring…

This response frees you up to hit the salad bar & fruit plates without standing out too much….

However, if I feel the company can take it, I’ll outright tell them in my own words why I will not allow those foods in my body….


🍎Mariah – “Heal Thy Self”
Healthy Self…


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