It was a lie that the BC NDP would have to pay the Site C debt right away

Date: December 11, 2017

To: Ken Boon

Rob Botterell

From: Robert McCullough

Subject: Comments on the Materials from Mr. Eby

Mr. Eby stated that “that if we abandoned the Site C project, we would incur an immediate

$3-4bn public charge on either hydro ratepayers or BC taxpayers.” It is unfortunate

that Mr. Eby received incorrect information, but Mr. Eby’s best path would have

been to check with the BCUC for guidance on standard regulatory practice.

I gather that Mr. Eby was unaware that the BCUC calculations had set amortization periods

for the sunk costs and the reclamation expenses. The analysis assumed a seventyyear

amortization period for the sunk costs of $2.1 billion. They also assumed a thirtyyear

amortization period for the reclamation costs. In passing, their estimate of the reclamation

costs was quite a bit higher than the evidence. Both BC Hydro and Deloitte

forecasted costs in the $1 to $1.2 billion range.

Regulatory practice puts the amortization of prudently undertaken utility investments as

an issue in the purview of the regulatory commission. An Order in Council can direct the

BCUC to choose different amortization periods, but this would simply be an exercise in

self-inflicted pain.

If an asset is recognized by regulators as an earning asset, the usual policy would be to

write it down on the same schedule as that set by the regulatory commission. Again,

the Cabinet can choose to accelerate the depreciation of an earning asset, but this

would be a second way to cause their constituents injury.

It appears from Mr. Eby’s letter that he believes that the financing of the $2.1 billion

sunk costs has been held in abeyance. This is a curious belief. British Columbia has a

continuous financing program designed to balance cash requirements and cash inflows.

These needs drive the province’s issuance of bonds. The province has already spent the

$2.1 billion dollars and the cash has been disbursed. The cash is found through taxes and
the sale of bonds. For a long-term capital asset like Site C, the province would normally

issue thirty-year bonds which, indeed, is what the province has done.

Mr. Eby has also raised a concern that Moody’s (the only bond rating firm that has expressed

concerns about BC Hydro’s unusual finances) would react negatively to the recovery

of the $2.1 billion. Regulatory recovery of the costs of termination is a very

common practice in the utility business and is addressed in every utility’s annual report.

However, the proposed solution is to propose spending $8 billion more an asset that

could be replaced for only $4 billion. This, indeed, may concern the bond raters and has

been a factor in the downrating of the two provinces – Manitoba and Newfoundland –

who have followed the proposed path.

As I concluded recently:

BC’s triple A rating was just confirmed and will not be downgraded by cancelling Site C.

BC is already financing the $2.1 billion in sunk costs with 30-year bonds at a cost of $ 57

million per year, not $300-400 million per year. Even if the inflated $1.8 billion in termination

costs are added, cancelling Site C will save ratepayers at least $266 million/year

or $123/household in 2024.

If Mr. Eby and his colleagues wish amplification, I am a willing volunteer.

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Biometrics & The TSA In Your Car?! This Is Going Too Far!!

What does biometric identification, Lincoln Motors and the TSA have in common?

A love for big brother and the surveillance state! Lincoln motors is launching a new pilot program in cooperation with the TSA and CLEAR offering a way to use your biometrics to bypass security lines.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth exposes this “complimentary” feature for the Orwellian nightmare that it actually is!

Cannabis Legalization In Canada Is NOT What You Think! – Here’s The TRUTH

We talk to Chad Jackett of Grass Roots Medicinal, Liberty Farms and The Cannabis Growers of Canada on his farm North of Whistler about being self sustainable, the quality of privately grown cannabis versus the LP product, how cannabis gets from farm, to dispensary, to the table and of course the situation with legalization.

Chad, being a true free market business owner has worked hard to provide an incredible product which helps countless people in need of medical marijuana. With the new legalization agenda, small businesses will be unable to compete in the market in most cases due to heavy government regulation, taxation and therefor monopolization of a few major corporations, most notably those entrenched in Big Pharma

A friend met with John Horgan last night (Dec. 3) and here are her comments:

A friend met with John Horgan last night (Dec. 3) and here are her comments:

Hi again,

The table I was sitting at was not shy: we asked John Horgan about Site C. He talked about the pros and cons and said they hope to be able to announce their decision in “the next two weeks”. My take on what we heard is this:I think the rumours might be true. I think Site C construction will continue.
Just my thoughts though.
 site c
Looks like we have a bit of time to let our views known. Below are the email addresses of all the NDP MLAs. They will copy and paste right into your email. thanks.

NDP emails:

“adrian dix MLA” <>, “anne kang MLA” <>, “bob deith MLA” <>, “Bowinn Ma MLA” <>, “bruce ralston MLA” <>, “carole james MLA” <>, “claire trevena MLA” <>, “david eby MLA” <>, “doug donaldson MLA” <>, “douglas routley MLA” <>, “garry begg MLA” <>, “george chow MLA” <>, “george heyman MLA” <>, “harry bains MLA” <>, “jagrup brar MLA” <>, “janet routledge MLA” <>, “jennifer rice MLA” <>, “jinny sims MLA” <>, “judy darcy MLA” <>, “katrina chen MLA” <>, “katrine conroy MLA” <>, “lana popham MLA” <>, “leonard krog MLA” <>, “lisa beare MLA” <>, “mable elmore MLA” <>, “melanie mark mla” <>, “michelle mungall MLA” <>, “mike farnworth MLA” <>, “mitzi dean MLA” <>, “nicholas simons MLA” <>,, “rachna singh MLA” <>, “raj chouhan MLA” <>, “ravi kahlon MLA” <>, “rick glumac MLA” <>, “rob fleming MLA” <>, “ronna-rae leonard MLA” <>, “s chandraherbert MLA” <>, “scott fraser MLA” <>, “selina robinson MLA” <>, “shane simpson MLA” <>

Smart meter Fires Report Interview Sharon Noble on Citizens Forum(Published on 26 Nov 2017)

Ciizen’s Forum Walt McGinnis interviews Sharon Noble Director for the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in BC re the BC and the Smart Meter Fires Report… . In July 2015 Ms Noble lodged an official Complaint with the BC Utility Commission (BCUC) charging the smart meters installed on the electric grid in BC were not safe and the meters had never been certified by any safety authority. The BCUC sought no technical advice re her complaint and required her to provide the proof the BCHydro reports of the safety of Smart Meters was flawed.
The Smart Meter Fires Report is Ms Noble’s response. The Report shows that not only Mr Len Garris the Fire Chief for Surrey British Columbia and BC Hydro consultant report was seriously flawed and also BC Hydro is negligent for using the Itron Smart Meters and it appears the BCUC is a collaborator in the program by turning a blind eye to all the damning smart meters evidence.
When the smart meter installations started in BC Ms Noble started to receive complaints from people related to the smart meter installations, appliance burn up, damages, to their homes and other major issues. Ms Noble felt some of the issues could be tracked back to the installation of the meters by Corix (a BC Hydro subcontractor) using unqualified installers. The meters themselves appeared to be the source of more problems such as meters burning and failing.