Smart meter Fires Report Interview Sharon Noble on Citizens Forum(Published on 26 Nov 2017)

Ciizen’s Forum Walt McGinnis interviews Sharon Noble Director for the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in BC re the BC and the Smart Meter Fires Report… . In July 2015 Ms Noble lodged an official Complaint with the BC Utility Commission (BCUC) charging the smart meters installed on the electric grid in BC were not safe and the meters had never been certified by any safety authority. The BCUC sought no technical advice re her complaint and required her to provide the proof the BCHydro reports of the safety of Smart Meters was flawed.
The Smart Meter Fires Report is Ms Noble’s response. The Report shows that not only Mr Len Garris the Fire Chief for Surrey British Columbia and BC Hydro consultant report was seriously flawed and also BC Hydro is negligent for using the Itron Smart Meters and it appears the BCUC is a collaborator in the program by turning a blind eye to all the damning smart meters evidence.
When the smart meter installations started in BC Ms Noble started to receive complaints from people related to the smart meter installations, appliance burn up, damages, to their homes and other major issues. Ms Noble felt some of the issues could be tracked back to the installation of the meters by Corix (a BC Hydro subcontractor) using unqualified installers. The meters themselves appeared to be the source of more problems such as meters burning and failing.