5G is Operating Now In Your City Penticton- What 5G Looks Like; Not Replacing, But Adds Frequencies; THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS TECHNOLOGY

This is being installed in Penticton and is all part of the Smart City they want to create and will be extremely harmful to all of us and more importantly the children of Penticton.  CBC just announced one in 2 B.C citizens will develop cancer Well lets stop that from happening here. Sadly many stand to profit from this technology and are ignoring the health concerns I have put fourth.

The Smart City group that indicates that with a survey taken that Penticton citizens want a healthier city How can that be achieved with this technology??? .There is 2 videos below and maybe from the U.S but is NO different from what is being used here in Penticton.. Join our FB group Stop 5G Penticton as we move forward for a delegation on April 17 and demand a public forum be held to help inform both the city and its citizens of the risks and then decide what we want to to do – https://www.facebook.com/groups/223845128172388/?ref=br_rs