Letter-Microwaves and Your Health in Penticton

To the Editor
Do you understand the science of microwaves?  Do you understand how microwaves affect all living things?  Do you have children?  Do you know anyone who is EMF (electro magnetic frequency) sensitive?  Do you understand how 5G can affect health & environment? Do you understand how 4G & other wireless modalities have affected many pets, children, adults & our environment?

Many of us are still learning & gathering information that mainstream media doesn’t make easily available.  Living in the era of the citizen journalist makes that sequestered information accessible but one must have a curiosity & desire to know & understand.  Should we believe industry generated “facts” regarding their technology?  “Industry seems immune to all of the science & medical experts warnings”.  (This quote from Dr Barrie Trower, a former UK Navy weapons researcher & directed energy expert) A further quote from Dr Trower: “ Every living thing on the planet is affected by microwaves except bacterium”.  Top scientists in 40 countries have signed a petition saying “you cannot do this” but mainstream media & industry have ignored this outcry.

Isn’t it time for us a community, parent, grandparent or just a concerned citizen  to start dialoguing about microwave technology & how it is affecting  every living thing?  Who has the courage to ask the hard questions?  The information is there for us to  discover but it will not be the industry who will give us the truth. It is always interesting to check the sources of information we are led to believe.    Start a conversation about what you know or don’t know regarding microwave technology, specifically 5th Generation (5G). Our health & that of  future generations is at stake.

Suzie Anderson


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